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Enjoy the freedom of freelancing as a mobile nail tech with minimised costs and a wider client reach. Build a positive reputation for a fulfilling career. Explore pros and cons for an informed choice.
Discover the secrets to success in your nail course! Explore this insightful blog post covering common mistakes to avoid, from rushing through techniques to the importance of managing distractions. Learn valuable tips for aspiring nail technicians, promoting a mindset of patience and continuous improvement. Nail your training with this expert advice and stride confidently towards a polished future in nail artistry!
This accredited home study course equips you with skills for therapeutic manicures/pedicures that enhance natural nails. Complete 3 portfolio assignments, pass the written exam and earn accredited certification. Learn specialised techniques to nourish nails and skin, relax joints/muscles and stimulate healthy growth for in-demand nail services.
Elevate your nail art game with AI! Unleash creativity, from wild concepts to unique embellishments. Discover tips on using tools like DALL-E and Coolors. Revolutionize your design process!
Tips for creating an impressive nail technician portfolio to showcase your skills and style. Learn how to select pieces, write descriptions, print, and keep your portfolio updated.
Learn how to create a stylish, textured knitted nail art design with this tutorial. Master the gel polish technique for an abstract, artsy knitted look perfect for fall and winter.

Mastering Nail Split Repairs

Discover essential tips and techniques for nail split repairs. Learn how to assess, repair, and prevent nail splits to enhance your nail technician skills.
After 15 years working for Greggs, I left my high-stress job as a bakery manager to pursue my passion for nails and start my own home salon business. This blog tells the story of how family support and a major life transition led me to switch careers and become a successful nail technician.
Enhance your nail polishing skills with expert tips on product selection, technique perfection, and creative designs. Practice consistently, track progress through photos, and troubleshoot mistakes for a polished, professional touch every time.
Stay on top of the hottest celebrity nail trends with this comprehensive guide. From natural nudes to embellished accents, chrome finishes to matte colours, we cover all the major manicure styles inspired by today's top stars. Whether it's short squoval shapes, two-toned colours, or long XXL nails, this article details all the celebrity-approved nail inspiration you need to give your clients trendy, fashion-forward manicures.
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