Nail Mastery 101: Avoid These Common Mistakes in Your Nail Course Journey

Mistakes to avoid when doing your nail course

1. Rushing. We get it - you're chuffed and can't wait to get cracking! That enthusiasm is brilliant. But rushed work looks rushed, and you'll lose marks. Take it slow, truly get to grips with those methods. Honestly, you cannot practise enough. Repetition brings skill, and your future clients will expect you to nail it (pun intended)! We want you strutting your stuff with pride. 2. Assuming. Even if you reckon you already know something, stay open-minded. We may teach it differently - new, easier, better. There are always multiple approaches, and we should stay open to expanding our skills. 3. Applying. We know you wanna show off to Mum/Auntie Maria/BFF Jen the minute your kit arrives. But hold that urge! Botched jobs can cause lasting damage and pain. This stuff looks simple, but don't be fooled - it takes graft to make it appear easy. Resist temptation and put in the time first. 4. Belief. Learning new stuff can shake anyone's confidence. When frustration hits, power through! These methods work; with practice, you'll smash them. If you need motivation, ping us anytime for a pep talk - preferably before you frisbee your practice hand across the room! 5. Offence. Feedback isn't personal, it's meant to perfect your work. Spotlighting areas for improvement makes you better. With an open mindset, you'll be nailing it in no time! 6. Distractions. Try to minimise distractions, including your mobile/phone, when practicing techniques or working on assessments. Give your full focus and attention during these important learning moments. Distracted work often gets messy! Create a calm, distraction-free environment whenever possible. 7. Expectations. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or expect perfection, especially when just starting out. Building new skills takes time and patience with yourself. Compare your work to your abilities last week rather than to an expert nail tech with years of experience. Progress over perfection!

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