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Don't just dream it - do it!

Acrylic Extensions

Acrylic Nails have always dominated the nail industry, making them one of the most sought after nail enhancement treatments amongst clients, including celebrities.

Gel Nail Extensions

Gel Nails are glossy & strong. They are super popular with clients of all ages because they look so natural & the shine shouts “healthy nails”. They are easier to create and apply compared to acrylic nails, making them a perfect choice for budding nail technicians.

Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Every Nail Technician should be able to provide a basic Manicure service for their clients. Good Nail Technicians will be skilled in both Manicure and Pedicure.

One Stroke Master

This course teaches the wonderful nail art techniques of Japan. Clever and subtle use of your brush will result in you creating a superb range of artworks including flowers and fauna, insects and birds and iconic Japanese imagery.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish is perfect for natural nails and nail extensions. It's quick to apply, has a glossy finish that doesn't lift, chip or wear for 14 days.

Freehand Art Master

This is a complete freehand master technician course with tuition by multiple Las Vegas champion Kirsty Meakin. The course includes everything you need to learn freehand at the highest level. Kirsty's style of teaching is relaxed and fun but with all the detail you need making the course ideal for all experience levels.

Acrylic Art Master

If you want to master acrylic nail art to international competition standard this is how! A complete acrylic master technician course with tuition by multiple Las Vegas champion Kirsty Meakin. The course includes everything you need to learn Acrylic nail designs at the highest level.

Nail Art

ONLY £279.00

Nail art is spectacular and fun! With this stunning course you will learn to create 20 brilliant art designs at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Your tutors are simply the best!. The UK's top nail educator Jacqui Jefford is joined by multiple competition winner Kirsty Meakin. They step-by-step teach you all the art techniques you'll ever need. This is a foundation course with basic nail art techniques.

The Essential Nails Difference

We are a long established company, and the only company that offers home study nail courses that include the innovative and patented Nail Trainer® practice hand. No other long distance nail course includes this essential practice aid, so our nail courses are the only online courses that really work as you get to practice producing beautiful nails whenever you want to on the Nail Trainer®
Below are the nail courses we currently offer and should you need any further information on these or our nail courses or nail products please contact us on 01440 844860

Long established provider of Nail courses with a strong reputation 

We've been offering our nail course since 1998 and have seen over 300 students enrolling a month. Our nail students get unlimited stress-free hands-on practice at convenient times for them with our nail courses.

A nail course that fits around your commitments from beginners to experienced nail technician courses 

Our nail courses fit around your lifestyle and commitments and are suitable for beginners or those wanting to improve or update their nail technician skills. Producing a beautiful set of nails is very much a practical skill and only with our nail courses do you get that unlimited practice at your own time and pace.

Become the best nail technician you can 

Practice makes perfect and quality practice at convenient times for you is the key to becoming a first-class nail technician. We offer every course you could possibly need from beginner's nail courses for those starting out to advanced nail technician and nail art courses for those wanting to improve and update their skills.

We offer full student and product support with our nail courses as well as industry advice 

Don't forget, our nail courses also come with unlimited student support, business advice and industry product support. Plus, you can get involved with our thriving Facebook group, as much as you want, whenever you want! Once trained, our extensive range of Professional Gel and Acrylic nail products will give you everything you need for a secure and profitable future as a nail technician.

We have a fantastic range of professional nail products to compliment the courses we offer. Professional gels and acrylics, Gelaze® UV Gel Polish and nail art decorations, as well as all the salon essentials you will need to start up as a nail technician. 

Graduate Success Stories!

We are so proud of our students and graduates and would like to share with you their success stories.

Kylea Wherry

My name is Kylea Wherry and I decided I wanted to start a career in nails after the birth of my first son, My job as a mental health worker at the time couldn't offer me the flexibility I needed as a new Mum, so I decided I needed to take a different career path and chose Essential Nails.
Deciding to become a nail technician was the best I've ever made, the flexibily of self employment means my first job will always be Mum, which is what I wanted.

Hazel Richardson

I found Essential Nails and took a plunge and enrolled for the Complete Nail Technician Course, which I have since finished, I then did my Maintenance Course and just finished my Acrylic Course. Next courses on the to-do list are the Nail Art Courses. Essential Nails have helped me through it all and given me a new lease of life doing nails, which I find so enjoyable and relaxing which in turn makes my clients enjoy their experience.

Charlotte Gallagher

I enrolled in the complete course and started with Gel extensions in January 2018. I had never worked on any nails before prior to doing these courses so I didn't know how difficult it would be or how long it would take me.I submitted my work only 8 weeks after starting the course and passed with distinction 38/40. That was the confidence boost I needed and I realised that for the first time ever, I had found something which, not only did I love doing but I was actually good at!
I can't thank Essential Nails enough for this incredible journey!