Returning Work


Checklist for Returning Work - Extensions

  1. Is there a band of shine around the cuticle?

    If so, buff again until all the shine is removed.

  2. Can you see an area of white cloudiness in the middle of the nail?

    This is unblended tip, blend more so this is taken off.

    Move to a buffer when you get close so as not to blend too much.

    Wipe with sanitizer, while the nail is temporarily wet it will show what it will look like with product applied, as this tends to exaggerate any tip residue left.

  3. Are there any air bubbles between the tip and nail?

    Try again and be careful not to over rotate the tip when gluing it down.

    (Over rotating is lifting the free edge portion of the tip up too much allowing air to get under the tip.)

  4. Is the lower arch straight?

    Look at the nails side on and check the nail and tip are in line without the tip curving downwards, so the bottom edge is completely straight across. File underside of tip edge to correct if needed.

  5. Are the apex’s in the centre of the nail and the same shape across each set?

    Use your file to make adjustments so they all match.

  6. Are the Free edge’s the same thickness all the way across?

    Look at the nail tip-on and file to even it out. Check they are about the same thickness as a bank card.

  7. Can you see filing scratches on the surface of the nails, are they rough to the touch?

    Use a buffer to remove, start with a coarser grit and work your way to the finest to achieve the smoothest finish.

  8. Is your polish neat around the cuticle and have you capped the free edges?

    Polish should be up to but not touching the cuticle, there must be approximately a millimeter gap between them with the polish in a neat clean line around the cuticle.

  9. Have you put your name and details on the card?

    You’d be surprised how many students are so relieved to have finished the card they forget to do this!

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