Press on Nails

Since lockdown Press on Nails have increased immeasurably in popularity, the perfect answer to the temporary closing of salons and mobile businesses. Despite being shut at home many of us  still wanted nice nails, lockdown was a good time for self care as ‘normal life’ had to be paused for so long.


Since then it’s become the convenient solution for people with busy lives. Being able to apply (and remove) ready to go nails at home without having to book an appointment can be more time productive. Affordability is also an issue for some, a gorgeous set of nails that can reused for special occasions or everyday wear without having to pay for the application is very tempting and a route many of us will be considering with the recent hike in energy prices, petrol and food.


Although they are a temporary solution in comparison to a professionally applied set, it looks like they are here to stay. There is a definite need and market for Press Ons and we welcome the diversity and opportunity for growth they allow Nail Technicians to keep and grow their client base at a time they could have been otherwise effected.


Essential Nails Graduate Kristiana Steinbach started her Press On business when the Nail Techs nemesis arthritis started taking its toll - 


Hi, my name is Kristiana and I design and create luxury but affordable press on nails.  My business is Polaris Beauty.  


I always loved getting my nails done when I was younger.  Hard gel and infills every two weeks without fail!  They gave me confidence and made me feel like, well, me.  My look was never complete without them.  I decided to train to do my own nails when my nail tech retired and chose Essential Nails as I could practice and study at home in the evenings.  After qualifying I continued doing my own nails for many many years. But slowly I started to develop arthritis in my hands and could no longer manage all the filing needed for hard gel nails.  


That's when I discovered press ons.  I was able to create all the designs I wanted without any of the pain!  It very quickly developed to creating press ons for others and Polaris Beauty was born!  I wanted to share with others that couldn't (or wouldn't) wear normal gel/acrylic nails, the fabulousness of wearing press on nails and being able to show off their individuality with different designs.


Nails designs are such a personal thing and its so rewarding being able to make my customers feel confident and amazing when wearing my designs.  I feel very lucky I get to do what I love.


Safety and health of the natural nail has alway been paramount for me and that's no different when wearing press on nails.  I provide adhesive tabs with every set making them completely reusable as they just soak off in warm water with no damage to the natural nail.  I also only use hypoallergenic, HEMA free, cruelty free professional gel polish.




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