What's Next? Options for Nail Tech Students After Finishing an Essential Nails Course


Your Next Steps as a Certified Nail Technician

You've put in the hours perfecting nail treatments and techniques during your essential nails course. Now that you've completed your training, what are your next steps for putting your qualifications to use? As a newly certified nail technician, you have an exciting range of options to choose from as you embark on your career.

Find Employment at an Established Salon

Many nail tech students choose to expand their training with employment at an existing nail salon. Search job listings and nail technician recruitment sites like The Nail Career Education Center to find openings. Top salons like WAH Nails, DryBy London, and Townhouse Nail Salon often hire junior nail techs to train under senior staff.

Build your portfolio with photos of your work and education certificates. At interviews, discuss your dedication to continuous improvement and enthusiasm for building lasting client relationships. With refined skills and professionalism, you can land a coveted role.

Rent a Salon Chair

If you eventually want to run your own nail business but need more experience first, renting a chair at an established salon can be a great interim step. Negotiate a monthly rental fee for the space.

You’ll manage your own bookings and clients, allowing you to hone your service menu and up-selling approach. Chair rental provides flexibility and support from salon management versus going fully independent straight away.

Create a Mobile Nail Business

Many nail techs choose to offer mobile services, bringing their manicure and pedicure services directly to clients' homes and offices. This allows you to be your own boss and take advantage of low overheads.

Research insurance, register as self-employed, create a website, and print business cards to market your mobile offerings like express manicures. Building a loyal client base with exceptional service can quickly lead to a thriving mobile nail business.

Specialize in Nail Enhancements

Extend your skills by pursuing advanced training in nail enhancements such as Essential Nails Acrylic Art Master course and Pro Expert Gel Polish Art. Attend workshops focused on sculpted acrylics, nail art, intricate nail designs, or add-on services like volume eyelash extensions which are currently very popular.

You can provide specialized services in high demand and charge premium prices. Continue building your portfolio and use social media to showcase your work. Specializing makes you an in-demand expert.

Teach Nail Courses

Consider a career in nail education by becoming an instructor. Volunteer to assist classes at your nail school to gain experience. Study for and gain your Level 3 Award in Education & Training to enable you to teach adults. Once ready, apply for educator roles at schools, colleges, and nail brands.

Alternatively, set up your own nail art/technique classes. Teaching allows you to share your passion while honing techniques by guiding students. Offering mentoring and training can be incredibly rewarding.

Join the Nail Competitive Circuit

Take your creativity to the next level by competing in nail challenges and competitions like Nailympion UK. Create award-worthy nail art and designs to showcase on global stages. You can augment salon work with the thrill of competitions and exposure.

Pursuing competitions allows you to network with and learn from other top nail techs at the height of their game. As a new tech, it can rapidly accelerate your skills.

Essential Nails Graduate Gemma Dawson is currently competing in The World's Star Nail Artist and has made it to the top 5 so far. Erin Etsy, who also qualified with us, has just won The NBL Nail Technician of the Year south East and also overall winner. These are just 2 of our graduates who have gone on to achieve remarkable success, there are many more.

The possibilities are endless following your Essential Nails certification. Work in a high-end salon, go mobile, specialize, become an educator, or join competitions - choose the path that aligns with your goals and interests. With dedication and skill, you can build an exciting career that allows you to progress in the thriving nail industry.

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