Trending nail looks for Spring 2024


Nailing the Newest Nail Trends for Spring 2024

As we move into the warm spring months, it's the perfect time to freshen up your manicure with some of the hottest new nail trends. This season is all about embracing chic, minimalist vibes with sheer nude nails and champagne chic hues. But if you want to turn up the wow factor, iridescent chrome finishes are also having a major moment. Let's take a closer look at each of these trendy nail looks.

The Sheer Perfection of Nude Nails

Nude nail polishes have been popular for years now, offering a clean and polished look that works for virtually any occasion. But for 2024, the nude nail trend has gotten even more subtle and chic with the rise of sheer, barely-there nude looks. These whisper-soft hues just add a hint of healthy pink/peachy colour to your nails, allowing your natural nail to shine through.

Sheer nudes are incredibly versatile and low-maintenance, working for the office, a night out, or just running errands around town. They give you an effortlessly groomed appearance without being overpowering or high-drama. It's the kind of minimalist manicure that pairs perfectly with this season's breezy, laid-back styles.

Some of the most popular sheer nude nail polish shades to try include neutral pinks like Essie's "Ballet Slippers" and OPI's "Samoan Sand," as well as sheer beiges and nudes with just a kiss of pale lavender like Zoya's "Lorna." The key is choosing a formula that is ultra-sheer and allows your nails natural colouring to show through just a bit.

Champagne Chic Manicures

If you're looking for a little more colour than a sheer nude but still want an elegant, understated look, champagne chic nails could be right up your alley. These muted, modern neutral nail polishes have a glowing champagne or golden peach tone that feels totally fresh for spring.

What's great about champagne chic nails is that they pair so well with both warm and cool tones in your wardrobe and makeup, making them incredibly versatile. They also have a beautiful, luminous quality without being overtly shimmery or frosty like some metallics. The overall vibe is luxurious yet effortless.

Some of the season's must-have champagne chic polishes include Deborah Lippmann's "Luxurious," OPI's "My Vampire is Buff," and Essie's "Sugar Daddy." The warm, glowing hues look ultra-chic on nearly any skin tone. Champagne nails also happen to coordinate perfectly with spring's major accessory trends like gold jewellery, straw bags, and metallics.

Mesmerising Iridescent Chrome Nails

On the opposite end of the spring 2024 nail trend spectrum, we have bold, mesmerising iridescent chrome nails. While understated nudes and champagnes are having a major moment, there's also a huge demand for statement nails that are futuristic and eye-catching.

The shiny, liquid-like chrome finishes almost seem to shimmer and shift colours in different lighting, creating an iridescent, prismatic effect. It's a fresh, modern twist on classic chrome nail polish. Plus, iridescent chrome complements this season's penchant for holographic and colour-shifting makeup like iridescent highlighters and prism eyeshadows.

These cool, ultra-lustrous lacquers look best with flawless, high-gloss topcoats to maximise that vinyl-like, mirror-shine appearance. Top iridescent chrome picks include shades like Cirque Colors' "Metropolis," ILNP's "Mega (Burnt Transmission)," and DIFFERENT Dimension's "Through the Multiverse."

While not for the faint of heart, iridescent chrome nails make a major bold statement that's perfect for festive spring and summer events. Just be prepared for serious compliments and double-takes whenever you move your hands! The intense, light-reflecting finish is simply mesmerising.

So whether you gravitate towards the more natural, low-key vibe of sheer nudes and champagne chic hues or prefer to turn heads with futuristic iridescent chromes, there's a major spring 2024 nail trend to suit your style. Get ready to give your manicures a gorgeous refresh with one of these of-the-moment looks!

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