The Latest Nail Art Craze: Tile Print Nails


The Latest Nail Art Craze: Tile Print Nails

As a professional nail technician, it’s important to stay on top of the latest nail art trends and techniques. Trends come and go and this fun and creative look is having a major moment right now in the nail art world. This graphic, geometric nail look is a big request in salons. Keep reading for everything you need to know to master tile print nail art and satisfy client demand.

What Are Tile Print Nails?

Tile print nails, also sometimes called geometric nails, are a manicure featuring small geometric shapes arranged in tile-like patterns on the nails. The shapes are usually done in contrasting colours to create an eye-catching graphic look. Some common shapes used include squares, triangles, circles, diamonds, and rectangles arranged in artistic tile-like patterns on each nail. The patterns can range from orderly designs like grids and zig-zags to more abstract or random mixes of shapes. A defining feature is that each nail has its own unique pattern or colour scheme for an eclectic, mosaic effect. Tile prints involve using negative space and clean lines to form grids, zigzags, abstract shapes, and more. This design is also very on-trend in home decor right now, making the nail art style feel modern.

The Origins

Tile print nails first started gaining popularity in the 1990s during the minimalism art and design movement. The look was created as a graphic, modern spin on classic French manicures or solid nail polish. Tile prints stood out for their use of negative space and bold lines to create geometric interest. While the trend died down for a while, it’s back and bigger than ever thanks to social media and nail art influencers.

Why Tile Prints Are Trending

There are a few key reasons why tile print nails are having such a big resurgence right now. First, graphic prints are on-trend across makeup and fashion, making an impact on nails as well. Mixing patterns and shapes is a huge trend that lets people get creative and artistic with their nail looks. Tile prints also photograph extremely well, gaining traction with Instagram and TikTok nail art aficionados. Their eye-catching colours and shapes make them magnets for likes and attention online. The variety of designs possible also makes it easy to put your own spin on the trend.

Why Clients Love This Look

There are several reasons tile print nails are so sought-after:

  • Graphic prints are on-trend in fashion and home decor, driving the style’s popularity.
  • Mixing patterns and shapes allows for creativity and self-expression.
  • The variety of designs possible makes tile prints endlessly different every time.
  • Tile prints photograph extremely well on social media, gaining attention.
  • Clients can put their own spin on the trend with custom colours and patterns.

How To Do Tile Print Nails

As a pro nail tech, you have the skills and tools to take tile prints to the next level. Here are techniques to try:

  • Hand-paint intricate designs using striping brushes and steady hands. This takes patience but allows total control.
  • Use nail tape or striping tape to create geometric shapes. This takes patience but works well.
  • Offer clients a variety of colours and patterns to choose from.
  • Work tile prints on short to medium nail lengths for best visibility.
  • Encourage clients to do prints on all ten fingers for maximum impact.
  • Try stamping with tile patterned nail plates. There are many stamping kits for geometry and patterns.

Promoting This Service

There are several ways to promote tile print nails to your clients:

  • Showcase photos of your intricate tile print designs on social media and your website. This builds your reputation as an expert.
  • Run promotions and specials for tile manicures to bring in new clients.
  • Educate clients on the tile print trend and its versatility.
  • Offer add-ons like top coats, nail art gems, or foil to enhance the designs.
  • Partner with brands that make tile print press-ons or nail art kits for retail opportunities.

Styling Tips

Neutral or nude base colours allow the graphic prints to stand out more. Accent colours in the prints should complement your skin tone. For maximum impact, do tile prints on all 10 fingers. But starting with just an accent nail or two allows you to test out the style. Match to your outfit by coordinating the colours with your clothes. Tile manicures go great with both casual everyday wear and dressy occasions.

Stay on Top of Trends

Learning new nail art techniques like tile prints keeps your services fresh and engaging. Continue following emerging styles and mastering the latest looks to attract and wow clients. Creativity and skill are what set professional nail techs apart. Lean into trends like tile prints to showcase your expertise while making clients’ manicure dreams a reality.

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