Living the Dream as a Session Nail Technician


Living the Dream as a Session Nail Technician

If you fantasise about seeing your nail art on the pages of glossy magazines as part of glamorous fashion shows or getting to pamper celebrities behind-the-scenes, then being a freelance session nail technician can make those dreams a reality! But along with the thrill of high-profile industry gigs comes more pressure and less stability than salon work. Here’s what to expect from this fast-paced (but rewarding) nail tech career route.

Jet Setting with the Stars

Imagining getting flown overseas by a designer to craft perfect catwalk nails backstage in Paris? Or lounging in a five-star hotel between touch-ups on a pop-star’s manicure during their tour? It happens more than you’d think for top nail technicians establishing a name on the celebrity circuit! Industry and editorial nail artists get to network amongst famous movers and shakers while having their collaborative work exposed to millions in the public eye. What nail student wouldn’t relish those bragging rights? Even locally, working professional shows like Fashion Week exposes your creativity.

Coping with the Downsides

Of course it's not all glitz and glamour in reality. One week might bring an exciting magazine cover shoot; the next could leave your schedule totally empty. Coping with income ups and downs takes serious financial planning abilities. Carrying expensive specialised products and tools between venues or cities quickly eats earnings too. Missing family and friends when travelling or working long unsociable hours leading up to major events can strain relationships. Being prepared to compromise work-life balance, at least initially, is key especially at entry level as you fight to build industry connections and trust.

Weighing it All Up

If you're willing to tenaciously grow contacts, relentlessly promote your portfolio and handle major stress, then the thrill and kudos of seeing your nail designs in the spotlight at exclusive high fashion events might outweigh all else. Just don't expect such pinnacle career success overnight without paying some dues first. Progressing towards a financially stable celebrity clientele with magazine features takes most nail techs years of industry hustle. Know the reality before leaping and you can avoid disappointment!

So are you cut out for the cut-throat world of editorial sessions, fashion shows and star manicures? With business savvy, resilience and unmatched creativity - it can undoubtedly be a nail technician's dream. But only by fully recognising the hustle as much as the perks from the very start!


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