How to Take Care of Your Own Nails as a Nail Technician


How to Take Care of Your Own Nails as a Nail Technician

As a nail technician, your hands are your greatest assets. Keeping your own natural nails looking impeccable is crucial for displaying your skills and inspiring confidence in clients seeking services. With constant exposure to nail products and chemicals, extra care is required to maintain strength and beauty. Use these pro tips specifically tailored for techs to take your nails from stressed to super.

Know Your Nails

Get to know your nails intimately through regular inspection for early signs of damage or changes. Note conditions like dryness or brittleness. Identify if you have ridges, fungal issues like yellowing, or problem cuticles that may need supplements or treatment.

Buffer Overusing

Aggressive use of nail files and buffers wears down layers of keratin making nails thin and peel-prone. Only use gentle shaping and shine buffing personally when absolutely needed.

Moisturize & Hydrate

Frequently apply high-quality nail and cuticle oil to condition and add supple moisture. Nail creams add extra nourishment overnight. Always have non-greasy lotions nearby to use after washing hands to prevent dryness.

Wear Gloves

Protect yourself by wearing single-use gloves when using harsh products like acetone remover or UV gel base coats. Wash hands immediately after removing gloves before moisture evaporates for less irritation.

Short Nails

Keep your nails trimmed shorter when constantly using gels or dip powders to avoid too much stress and pressure on the natural nails underneath enhancements. Give them a break instead of continually reapplying.

Take Supplements

Consider adding supplements like zinc, silica, biotin, and folic acid to support nails. Check with your doctor first regarding health conditions and interactions with any medications.

Soak Off Gels

Never aggressively peel off gel polish or overlays which can pull up layers of natural nails. Properly soak cotton pads in pure acetone and gently wrap each nail to dissolve enhancement products and lift off safely.

Avoid Over-filing

Be very careful filing overlay products like acrylics and avoid over filing down into your natural nail plate unnecessarily. Have a light touch when grooming your own enhancements.

Use a Base Coat

Always start manicures with a protective base coat designed for natural nails to shield from staining or yellowing from colored polish, gels, or dip powders. Finish by applying a quality topcoat to add extra shine and chip resistance.

Listen to Your Nails

Pay attention to signals from your nails like sudden pains when pressure is applied or cracks appearing which indicate a more serious issue may be developing. Get any problems that arise checked professionally.

Give Them a Rest

Allow nails a break from constant overlays every few weeks. Trim or file off enhancements and let them rehydrate for a few days with oils and creams.

Take Extra Care

Just a little extra time and attentiveness caring for your nails makes a huge difference. Set reminders to moisturize and supplement when busy. Protecting your nails safeguards your career longevity as a nail tech!

As full-time nail professionals, taking special care of our natural nails is a necessity in maintaining picture-perfect hands clients trust. Devote a bit of tender loving care to your greatest assets. Your nails will thank you!

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