Exploring the Most Popular Nail Shapes: Coffin, Square, Almond and More


Exploring the Most Popular Nail Shapes: Coffin, Square, Almond and More

Deciding on your nail shape is one of the most important design choices when getting a manicure. The options go far beyond just oval and round. The shape you choose can completely transform the look of your hands and complement different nail lengths and styles. Below we cover some of the hottest nail shapes right now.

Coffin Nails

Coffin or ballerina shaped nails are long, tapered at the tip and square at the base. Pros are they elongate the fingers and let you show off bright colours and patterns. The angled edges give a modern, edgy look.

Square Nails

Square or squoval nails have a straight, blunt tip and corners. Perks are they give a clean, polished look and make fingers appear slender. The sharp edges offer a fierce statement. Drawbacks are the potential for snagging and corners breaking. They don't suit short nail beds as well as other shapes.

Almond Nails

Almond is an oval shape that has tapered sides and a gently rounded tip. Benefits are a classic, elegant style that flatters most nail beds. The soft point isn't as prone to breaking and appears more natural.

Round Nails

As the name suggests, round nails are shaped into a continuous oval curve from base to tip. Pros are an understated, safe choice that works on short and long nails. It allows more creativity with colours and designs. Cons are a somewhat basic look and shorter round nails can appear wide on some fingers.

Oval Nails

Oval nails are rounded into an egg shape, elongating the nails and fingers. the Pros of oval shapes are they complement most nail lengths and their balanced shape suits a wide variety of nail beds. Oval nails have a classic, understated appeal. The timeless look and versatility of oval nails keep them popular.

Stiletto Nails

Stiletto or pincer nails are long and sharply pointed. Perks are they make a bold fashion statement and instantly grab attention. The lengthy tips let you get creative with art. The ultra-sharp point isn't beginner friendly though and activities can become challenging.

Edge Nails

Edge or beveled nails are a modern take on the square shape. Rather than straight tips, the edges are tapered and beveled at an angle, with a ‘triangular spine’ down the length of the nail. Benefits are a sleek, contemporary look perfect for nail art. The angled edges make fingers appear longer. Downsides are possible chipping or cracking of the edges and some difficulty with precise tasks.

Lipstick Nails

Lipstick nails are aptly named for their resemblance to the shape of a lipstick tube. The nail has straight edges with a slanted tip. Benefits of lipstick shapes are they make nails appear smoother and fingers look longer. Lipstick nails offer a cute, retro-inspired look.

Flared (Duck) Nails

Flared nails have a straight edge on the sides and a wider, fanned out tip. The flared out top gives them a fun, playful look. Benefits of flared shapes are they make nails pop with colour and easily allow for creative art. The flare also makes nails appear longer. Drawbacks are the wider tips can seem overpowering on shorter nails and prone to breaking. For maximum impact, flared shapes work best on medium length nails.

Arrowhead Nails

As implied by the name, arrowhead nails are shaped like the tip of an arrowhead, coming to a pointed centre with fanned edges. Perks are they make a bold statement and stand out on any nail length. The angled sides flatteringly elongate fingers. Overall, arrowhead nails combine the edgy appeal of stilettos with a unique spin.

Experiment to find the most flattering nail shape for your fingers. Consider your lifestyle too. Shorter, stronger square or almond styles may suit busy hands better. Have fun playing with different shapes. The beauty of nails is you can transform your look monthly or weekly even. Stay on trend with the hottest nail shapes and tips.

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