2 Must Try Nail Trends for Spring 2024


2 New Nail Trends to Try This Season

If you're looking to upgrade your nail art techniques this spring, there are two major trends that deserve a spot on your Pinterest beauty mood board: chocolate milk nails and lilac chrome nails. Both of these creative looks offer a fun, unique spin on your typical pastel or neutral manicures.

Chocolate Milk Nails

One of the hottest and most mouth-watering nail art trends is chocolate milk nails. As you can guess from the name, this style features rich creamy brown polish reminiscent of a glass of chocolate milk. To get the look, paint your nails in any warm brown tone ranging from deep mocha and milk chocolate hues to softer beige and tan shades. Matte polishes look especially good to mimic the flat finish of milk. To kick your milk chocolate mani up a notch and make it more dessert-like, add details like white polka dots, drizzles in a darker brown, or even tiny chocolate chip details. It's a sweet twist on classic brown nails and sweet enough to satisfy any beauty lover’s cravings.

Lilac Chrome Nails

On the opposite side of the colour wheel lies the futuristic sparkle of lilac chrome nails, and for glitter lovers, they are about to be your new obsession. This intergalactic trend combines a light pastel base with an unexpected pop of metallic magic. They offer an iridescent sparkle effect thanks to the application of chrome powder. Start by painting your nails a pale purple, lilac, or soft lavender shade. Then apply a chrome powder on top, burnishing well to create a mirrored chrome finish. As light hits the nails, a flashy rainbow sheen is visible on top of the base lilac colour. 3D designs look particularly good with this trend. The overall look has major unicorn vibes with its multi-dimensional shimmer. With its bright, ethereal look, lilac chrome nails are ideal for spring.

Whether you’re craving a down-to-earth chocolate glaze or mesmerising alien hues, both of these trends offer universally flattering statement nail options. Will you sip sweet hot cocoa colours or transport to glowing galaxy glam first? This season, nail art is all about contrasting textures and dimensions. So save room for second helpings of both of these mouth-watering looks.

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