Graduate Success Stories

We are so proud of our students and graduates and would like to share with you their success stories.

  • Charlotte Gallagher

    "Hi, my name is Charlotte, I’m 30 years old, mummy to my 2 year old David and a proud graduate of Essential Nails."

    My Journey into Nail Artistry

    Finding My Passion

    From my school days, I was unsure about my future career aspirations. I hopped between college courses, unable to find a clear direction. Self-confidence issues held me back, leading me to believe I might never find my true calling. However, my love for having my nails done kept sparking an interest. I often found myself dreaming of being the talented technician on the other side of the desk, crafting beautiful nails that would make clients happy.

    A Turning Point

    Christmas of 2017 marked a significant change. My husband gifted me a UV nail lamp and some polishes. After a few tries, I was elated to see the professional look I achieved on my own nails. That's when the thought struck me, "I can do this."

    Discovering Essential Nails

    Upon discovering Essential Nails, I embarked on the complete course, starting with Gel extensions in January 2018. My journey was filled with apprehensions, given I was a complete novice. Determined to excel, I submitted my work just 8 weeks into the course, securing a distinction with a score of 38/40. This accomplishment was a massive confidence booster, confirming I had finally found a passion that resonated with me.

    Achievements and Growth

    Since then, I've successfully completed four more courses, all with distinctions. The recognition I received for my work, especially winning back my course fee in a Gelaze Pro Expert Nail Art competition, kept fueling my drive. With a few courses left, I aim to hone my skills further.

    Lottie’s Nails: A New Beginning

    In June, I officially launched Lottie’s Nails. Currently, I juggle my time between my part-time job and my nail venture. My ultimate dream is to transition into a full-time self-employed nail technician. Considering the progress over the past nine months, I feel I'm halfway to realizing that dream.

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