Training with Essential Nails

Why Learn with Essential Nails

Creating beautiful nails one of the most popular treatments in beauty therapy. Whether for a wedding, everyday wear or to improve weak or bitten nails, the expert services of a skilled Nail Technician is in demand from a growing number of nail bars, beauty salons, health clubs, spas, and hairdressers.

You can charge up to £40 for a set of enhanced nails and with your costs being less than £3 you understand how many Nail Technicians are running a lucrative business by working from home or visiting customers.

About Essential Nails

Established in 1997, Essential Nails is the world leader in Certified Home Study Courses for Nails. We train over four and a half thousand-nail technicians every year, ranging from absolute beginners to full time working techs.

We believe in providing educational excellence and our students feel the same. We have won coveted Guild Awards of Excellence in every year since 2012. These awards are based on Student nominations and not industry ties so the awards really are a vote of confidence in us from students graduates and working technicians who have experienced our services.

So why learn with Essential Nails?

There are many nail course providers, offering anything from half day basic “how to” manicures all the way up to several-day courses, which are spread over numerous months in a classroom. These courses are often very expensive, inconvenient, rushed or cancelled at the last moment due to low attendance. Many are only designed to get you to attend, so the company can sell you lots of product kits. Be very wary of half day courses as they offer virtually zero ‘hands on’ technique practice, which is absolutely paramount to successfully learn how to provide great nail services. Learning Nails is about four things;
1. Getting lots of practice on different shapes and sizes of nails.
2. Using good quality, professional tools and nail products.
3. Getting great support from a company you can trust, not only when your learning, but also throughout your career in nails.
4. Achieving a high standard of practical work backed by recognised certificate, awarded on the basis of actual nails completed by you.

What makes our courses truly exclusive is the unique way in which you gain fast practical experience! Only Essential Nails Certified Diploma Nail Courses use the patented Nail Trainer® Hand for rapid skill development giving you the best possible chance of becoming a busy, fulfilled and successful nail professional.

The advantages of the Nail Trainer®

  • It’s always available, anywhere, any time.
  • Save your nails as you progress for later assessment and certification.
  • Made a mistake? No worries! Simply remove the nail and start again.
  • Zero Health and Safety Concerns. No ouch! No cross contamination.
  • Learn any Nail System, UV Gel, Acrylic, Sculpting, Extensions,Nail Art etc.
  • Learn the essential skills 6 times faster than if you were learning on live models.

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