Student Pack. Nail Trainer refit pack plus 100 tips.

Student Pack. Nail Trainer refit pack plus 100 tips.
Refit Pack 20 x 5
Refit Pack 20 x 5
Nail Tips, Nail Trainer Selection, 100 pcs
Nail Tips, Nail Trainer Selection, 100 pcs

A pack of Nail Trainer nails (refit pack 20 x 5 nails of different sizes, 100 total) and a pack of 100 tips as supplied in our Diploma courses. Normal price if purchased separately is £24.54.
Wish you could buypacks of one size


I’m in the initial stages of my course and practicing to fill my essential techniques card. I’m trying to get used to using just one size for now by using the recommended size 13 nail. Problem is, when you need more you have to buy this pack of all sizes, which means I’m paying for 20 nails a go in reality. Would be great if you could buy packs of specific sizes-it would cost so much less during the initial stages of my course. Hello Lisa, Thank you for training with us and for taking time out to write a review of or Refit Pack. Unfortunately we are not able to supply the individual nail sizes, as the Nail Tainer nails are manufactured uniquely for us and are molded in nail sets. When completing the Essential Techniques Card, you do only use one size of nail & tip, but we recommend that Students use the other size nails to practice and perfect the techniques they are learning. This level of practice allows Essential Nails Diploma Courses Students to reach a high standard of nail

Good, but need seperate sizes


Really wish you could buy these tips in packs of just one size-this would help when you’re just practicing on a size 13/6 nail for the essential techniques progress card...Otherwise you’re paying for less than you need and extra sizes you won’t get the use of. Hello Lisa, Thank you for training with us and for taking time out to write a review of or Nail Trainer tip selection. We understand your frustration at not being able to buy individual size tips, Unfortunately we are not able to supply individual size tips but, because of the success of our courses and the high number of nail products we buy, we have been able to secure the Nail Trainer tip selection, which contains only the tip sizes that match with the nail trainer nail sizes.This includes 20 of three sizes and 40 no 4 size tips, becasue it fits two nail trainer nail sizes This allows students to use all 100 tips, rather than have wastage if we supplied a standard tip box. containing tips sizes 1- 10 When completing t


Jane , Morgan

I find the apex of the.no.13 attachments very.high and struggle to get the tips on without pushing really hard. Hello Jane, thank you leavig a review of the number 13 nail trainer practice nail. We have developed the refit nails in five different shapes and levels of difficulty, so students can get as much eperience as possible and build their competancy before they work on clients. With nails shaped like the number 13 it can be beneficial to shorten the well of the tip you are applying, or use a flexible tip. We can offer help on tipping techniques if you call our support line on 01440 821999. Thank you.

Great Value

Emma Pacey , Cambridgeshire UK

This is the perfect pack for students. Great value for money.

tips and nails

George F , Lancaster

i am convinced i would not be a nail tech and doing what i love without getting the practice i needed to fast and accurate. i did 4 boxes of these before i thought i was good enoiugh to work professionally. what a great idea the nailtrainer is


Karen Mackman

Good quality pre-sorted tips to fit the re-fit trainer nails.




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