Nail Trainer Tip Adhesive. 20ml

Nail Trainer Tip Adhesive. 20ml
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High quality very fast set time for use only on The Nail Trainer practice hand. Do not use on real people.
Bad bottle

Sarah , Birmingham

Bottle clogs easily and the nozzle is slightly larger than the nozzle tips so had to be filed down so they would fit on, which then weakened the plastic and now it’s all bent when the product is only about half used Hello Sarah, I am sorrt to read that your adhesive botle was lett than perfect.With the squeeze on adhesive,only the very end of the tapered bottle nozzle needs to be cut to open the bottle, so the extender nozzles fits snuggly on to the bottle for use. After applying the adhesive it is essential to burp the bottle, by squeeaing the sides of the bottle, to bring the excess adhesive down the nozzles, back into the bottle and stop it clogging. Please contact our support line on 01440 820999 and we will be able to resolve this for you.

Good glue but bad bottle design

Kate , Binfield

Would be better if it was a brush as it clogs easily

Nail Trainer Tip Adhesive


This is great for adhering your tips to the nail trainer nails and lasts for ages. Great product.

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