Barbicide ® Mid Size Jar.

Barbicide® Mid-size Jar.

Size 621mL Base Diameter 10.8cms Height 20.32 cms
Ideal for use in salons, spas, medical facilities, athletic facilities and institutions

The iconic stainless steel and molded glass showcase for disinfecting salon instruments.
Ideal for use in salons or spas, medical facilities, athletic facilities and institutions
For disinfecting hairstyling tools, shears, immersible files and longer grooming instruments
Custom molded glass with stainless steel parts
Fitted self-draining retrieval basket permits immersion and removal of tools without putting fingers in disinfectant solution
Lifetime guarantee against rust
Rubber ring at the base prevents jar from slipping and tipping.

Disinfect tools between clients
To remain effective, Barbicide should be changed daily.

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