Gelaze PolyFusion Gel Natural Pink

Gelaze PolyFusion Gel  Natural Pink

Gelaze PolyFusion Gel is the best of both!

More flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard Gel and feather light to wear.
Watch the creation of a classic French Pink & White PolyFusion Nail here

There's no mixing, no ratio's and no self levelling to contend with.
Just take the Gelaze PolyFusion you need straight from the tube, it stays exactly where you place it. A swish of your brush with Polyfusion slip and your overlays or extensions will be superbly shaped and super smooth. When ready, cure under LED UV light for 1 minute. Remove and file to fine finish if needed and then Gelaze Top Coat, to reveal dazzling, super smooth and shiny nails.
Lasts 2 to 4 weeks before infills. File to remove.

Gelaze PolyFusion Natural Pink 30g ,is a soft translucant pink which enhances and gives a healthy glow to the nail bed just like a foundation for your nails.
Gelaze PolyFusion Gel Available in Clear, Natural Pink, Cover Pink & White

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