Gel & Maintenance

Gel & Maintenance
Gel Nail Courses, Including Nail Trainer
Gel Nail Courses, Including Nail Trainer
Maintaining Nails Course
Maintaining Nails Course

Professional Accredited Qualification
Equivalent to a 13 day Course
No time limits
Payment plan available
Unlimited Student Support
Better value as a package
All tools and products included

If you want to launch your career as a Nail Technician starting with the gel nail system, the Gel & Maintenance Course is the perfect choice for you.

The Gel & Maintenance Course includes:
  • Gel Tip & Overlay Course
  • Maintaining Nails Course
You will save £29.00. Normal combined price of both courses £528.

Gel Tip & Overlay Course

Gel Nails are the current talk of the town and are the second generation of nail enhancements after acrylics that have took the nail industry by storm. They are easier to create and apply compared to acrylic nails, making them a perfect choice for budding nail technicians.

Gel nails are known to be odour free and chip resistant compared to a normal manicure making them a big hit amongst clients. They also blend in and mould seamlessly with natural nails, regardless of the shape and length of the nail, making the gel course an ideal one for beginners with no experience at all.

Course Options:
• Gel Full Course - Includes the Nail Trainer®.
• Gel Conversion Course - Does not include the Nail Trainer®.

You can be a beginner wanting to get a grasp of this currently popular nail enhancement or you could be a practising nail technician wanting to keep up with the latest trends in the beauty industry? This Gel Extension course will benefit you in every way.

This is an independent learning, flexible at-home course that fits around your lifestyle and schedule. It's convenient and condensed into a DVD which you can pause, rewind and repeat at your discretion. No college commitments, commute or expensive fees - simple one-to-one, private tutoring at the comfort of your home. Especially designed for aspiring nail technicians, no previous experience or qualification is needed to complete this course.

• This Gel Nail Course is a comprehensive training course.

• It contains everything you need to become a Qualified Gel Nail Technician.

• You watch your lessons on the DVD with Gina as your Personal tutor.

• You will be provided with The Nail Trainer practice hand to create your gel nail extensions and to simulate the experience of providing the service to clients in a salon.

On completing your Gel nail course:

• You send your finished nails to us for assessment.

• If you have reached the required pass mark we then issue you with your Nail Technician Certification.

Maintaining Nails Course

After completing your first or second course the Maintaining Nails course is the one you should really consider.

After 2 weeks, your client's nails will have grown, leaving a ridge at the cuticle and pushing the smile past the finger tip. She may have a lifting overlay, a chip or a crack. Maintaining your client's nail extensions so they look good all the time is the best way to keep your clients loyal, and earn more money.

This is a Home Learn Course, you don't need to go to college or classroom. You watch your lessons on the DVD and create your nail extensions on the Nail Trainer practice hand. On completing the course, you send your finished nails to us for assessment and certification. This is a comprehensive training course, containing everything you need to learn how to be a Qualified Nail Technician.

*The Qualification/Certification that you receive is issued by the Essential Nails Institute and is nationally recognised within the nail industry. What this means is that you will be able to gain your professional indemnity insurance with our certificate. This insurance will cover you to work from home, mobile or in a salon.

Gel Tip & Overlay Course

Gel Tip & Overlay Course Contents
• The Nail Trainer® Practice Hand*   • 9 Watt LED Lamp   • Unlimited telephone support   • Assessment and certification   • Re-assessment if you fail   • 240 page reference manual   • 2 hour teaching DVD   • 8 question papers   • 100ml Sanitiser   •  100 practice nails   • 100 x Cotton Wipes   • Nail Clippers   • 5 x Glue Nozzles   • 100 extension tips   • 15gm Builder Gel   • 15ml Nail Varnish   • 20ml Tip Adhesive   • File and buffer pack   • 10 x Workhorse towels   • Gel Brush   • Cuticle Pusher   • Manicure Brush   • 11ml Top Coat   • 15ml Cuticle oil   • 100ml Super Shine Wipe Off   • Progress cards

Maintaining Nails Course

Maintaining Nails Course Contents
• 2 hour Teaching DVD   • 20 maintenance nails   • Progress card   • Test questions   • Unlimited telephone support   • Assessment and certification   • Re-assessment if you fail   • 250 ml Tip Remover   • 125ml Nail Polish Remover   • 15gm Sculpting gel   •  3 x 100/180 grit black files   • 3 x 180 grit yellow files   • 3 x 240 grit white files   • 100 small wipes   • 3 x White buffing blocks   • 3 x Orange buffing blocks   • 3 way buffer   • 10 x workhorse towels   • Birchwood sticks   • Outside soak-off bowl   • Inside soak off bowl   • 1m aluminium foil   • 5 X metal nail forms   • 25 Paper nail forms

Passing the course, entitles you to automatic membership of 'Aspire', our club for qualified Nail Technicians. Aspire members enjoy 20% discount on Professional Nail Products, access to business help and special offers. See essentialnails.com/aspire for more information.

On-line at the checkout

Single Payment Save!
You can save 10% by purchasing in a single payment with your debit or credit card. Enter promo code SUCCESS10 at the checkout.

EasyPay 4 monthly payments 0% APR*
Choose the EasyPay option at the checkout. Your purchase price is split into 4 equal payments. A deposit of 25% is taken straight away** and a further 3 equal payments will be taken from the same debit or credit card at monthly intervals.***

12 month plan 0% APR*
You pay a 25% deposit, and if approved for credit, the balance is split into 12 monthly payments. The Credit plan is run by Pay-It-Monthly, and is not currently available on-line, so please contact the office on 01 440 820 999 or click on the LiveChat button to apply. We'll send you an application email with a link to the application form. You'll receive a credit approval decision within 24 hours.

* We will carry out a simple credit check for the EasyPay 4 payment plan. The 12 month plan involves on-line, ID, credit and affordability checks.

** The first payment is taken from your card when your order is shipped. This is normally the same day or the next day.

*** Remaining payments are taken on the same day of the month. For example, if you placed your order on the 24th January, the remaining payments will be taken on the 24th Feb, March and April. Call the office on 01 440 820 999 if you would like different dates to be set up.

Gel nail course

Corinne , Inverness

Have just stared and is going really well order came a lot faster than they said. Great to just do it in your own time when you can as I am a full time mum and in full time work too.

Brilliant course

Lyndsey lancee , Haverhill

Great course! A great addition to add to my little business


Emma Morley , Lancashire

I have enrolled on this course and can not wait for it to arrive! Having made my decision to go for the gel nails course, I sent Nadine a message via Facebook, asking about prices. She was extremely helpful, and gave me all the information I needed to know. When I rang the sales line, the lady I spoke to was just fabulous! She advised me that this course would be better for me, as it had the maintenance course included. Very polite and friendly staff. I can't wait to get started on my journey with Essential Nails!

Gel course

Julie Misters , mIdlands

This was the 2nd course I did from Essential Nails, I really enjoyed the course I had already mastered a lot of the basics like prep, and tipping, so was able to complete this course with no problems at all. The gel included in the kit was easy to work with and gave a lovely finish to the nails. I highly recommend anyone to give this course a go.

loving it!!!

Kristina , Wiltshire

I'm really loving this course. I already imagining designs I am going to create once I finish this course. I love working with gel. Never thought I will be so into learning something,but this course got me in to the mood of practicing lol I have been buffing and filing for days and still can't get enough of it :) Thank you very much EN team. xx

maintaining nail extension coure

Desrie , west london

i passed this course with distinction. thank you EN for all your help : )


Aisha , crawley

enjoyed my spa maincures and pedicures course ...passed that and now doing nail art . Due to some health problems could not go to college but with this course i can do a couple of hour a week in my own time and practice to become better each time ...


Sally Holmes , Barnsley

Essential Nails are great cant knock them at all, I planned to go to college to do the nail courses but i ended up having my little boy 8 weeks prem so leaving him and going to college was not an option anymore so started through Essential Nails and I have just completed the acrylic course which only took me 3 weeks and now doing the gel course and i love it, I can fit doing courses round my home life as I have 4 children and the support and help is fantastic always someone their to help.

Nagelgallerian tackar

Bibbi Lundström , Sweden

Thank you for everything, The course was easy to learn and the service was the best. //Nagelgallerian


Donna , Aberdeen

Have passed this course with distinction. Having the dvd to follow step by step and in your own time at your own pace is definitely a great way to learn this. It is worth doing this course as it makes it so much easier to provide the services on clients and I feel if i put the nails on and didn't do this course - id most likely have no idea or taken them off the wrong way. Its also great for learning how to repair nails which is definitely a handy skill to have. Thanks again to all at essential nails managing to be so patient and helpful with me.

Gel Nails

Donna , Aberdeen

Thank you to all at Essential Nails, great support and great at answering all my questions. This was the first course i did with essential nails. It took me about 3 weeks to do. I have passed now. The Gluing the tips on was the hardest part for me but with reassurance and lots of practice I got there in the end.

Brilliant course!

Kaylz , Scotland

This was my first course I had done, but before this I didn't have a clue where to start on nails. I have 3 young kids and these courses r excellent to fit in when I could! I got a credit pass and have taken out more courses but I wouldn't be what I am now if it wasn't for essential nails so thanks so much to use all for all help and support! X

Love It

kelly , Birmingham

I got my course not long ago and i love it the video is very good and so easy to follow i had no idea how to do nails before i got this and now i can prep blend shape ect. I will deffo be getting more nail course's from here :)


New to Nails , Birmingham

Hi, I brought the gel and maintenance course in November 11. I have slowly been working way my through, as I have a baby boy to look after. I was thinking about a career change and the I started looking into being a Nail Tech. The course is FAB and I'm really enjoying it. :-) It's so helpful that there is no time restraints.With being a working mom I fit in as much time as I possibly can, I have been getting a little stressed with applying the tips, occasionally they can go on so easy, and most other times I'm really struggling with air pockets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Once I have passed (hopefully) can your fantastic team point me in the right direction regarding taking NVQ? Many thanks ES.Lisa x x Hi Lisa, thank you for your review. I'm glad you are enjoying your course. The tipping process is the tricky part of creating nails, it takes practice to do it first time, all the time. But that is the beauty of having a nail trainer hand to work on, you

New Learner

Faye , Kent

Hi, I have recently received my gel course along with the maintenance course and so far I am impressed. The service on the phone was great and it arrived the next day. Im currently on maternity leave so its great to fit inbetween feeds and babygroups and I'm hoping I can pass before I have to return to work as this is what I would like to do full time! Im finding the blending/tiping quite difficult, I have gel nails myself and never have tips! I think it would be a good idea to see some other peoples work once completed, just a suggestion but Ginas work is immaculate and it can be a little disheartening comparing your first attempts to her perfect nails! I would def recommend others to purchase. Thank you for your review Faye, we are delighted you are enjoying your course. With time and practice on your Nail Trainer, you will be creating perfect nails, like Gina. Practice really does make perfect.


Joanne Stirk , Leeds

I have been looking for nail courses to fit in between school times as I have two young children. All the classroom courses I looked into ran over these times, so was impossible for me to attend. Then thank goodness I found essential nails on the internet and ordered their gel nails course. Delivery was fast and the customer service and support absolutely brilliant. The course is easy to understand, it's great. Without the EN course I wouldn't have been able to learn nails. So thank you Essential Nails.

Thank you

Lucy Hancock , Dorset

Once I've completed my Gel course I will hopefully go on to do the acrylic tip and overlay course. (and probably all the others too!!) I really admire your customer care at EN, I often look at your facebook page which is full of fantastic advice and support. Thankyou very much Lucy

Excellent Service

Alison Elston , London

Hi guys, I have just ordered the Gel Nail Course kit and I am so excited to start learning. I had a very plesant experience on the telephone speaking with on of the customer advisors, who arranged a payment plan for me - which is very convenient! I cannot wait to start learning at home..Everybody seems very nice at Essential Nails and everyone is very keen to help..I am looking forward to ordering more products from you in the future when I have completed this one..The Nail Art one seems to be the one I am going to take up next! Lets see how this one goes first. Many thanks for all your help. Alison x

Gel and maintanace course

Aelfryth Stead , Stockport

Excellent customer service from everyone at EN. This is my 1st course and i hope to do many more with EN. I love that i can do this in my own time and that i dont feel like i am being rushed to complete something that i dont understand! Fantastic support from everyone at EN via thier facebook page and from everyone who uses the facebook page. Overall i am satisfied with the course contents although Ginas voice has a habit of making me drowsy lol but overall she shows me what i should be doing and if i dont get it i rewind it to the bit i dont get!! If you are undecided about doing this then dont be, I have learnt lots, made new friends and had lots of fun creating nails!!

Guild Award Vote 2012

Michelle Gardner , Wiltshire

Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have already voted for you in the 3 categories you are short listed for: • Best Customer Service • Best Supplier Specific Training • Best Nail Company I sincerely hope everyone else takes the time to do this as well as I think you and the whole team are absolutely excellent. I look forward to hearing the results and wish you all the luck in the world. Whatever happens you are my number one always !!! Thanks for the great Customer Service, Excellent training and support and generally being the best nail company I have ever dealt with. Kind regards to you all, Michelle Gardner

Gel Course

Bev Richards , London

The Gel Course is a must (first course) if you are interested in nails. The DVD and book was very very useful also having Sarah to speak to when I needed to was great. My daughter no longer has to visit the nails shop because I happily do them for her and her friends. I am so glad I choose this course and have since completed Nail Art and am now on Fibreglass. Thank you Essential Nails

Gel & Maintaining Nail Course

mary Kendell , Germany

This was a Brilliant first Course, The step by step DVD was very insightful and luckily for me i have been able to answer all questions asked of me by clients. The book is Brilliant and goes in to great detail and as always the tutors were at the other end of the phone should i need them. It took me a while to get used to Gel as my background was acrylic but this system seems to be what the client wants. The maintenance course was an excellent addition and a must have for any nail tech. i defiantly recommend buying them together as it is better value for money.

Gel and Maintaining Nails Course

Mary Kendell , Germany

This was a Brilliant first Course, The step by step DVD was very insightful and luckily for me i have been able to answer all questions asked of me by clients. The book is Brilliant and goes in to great detail and as always the tutors were at the other end of the phone should i need them. It took me a while to get used to Gel as my background was acrylic but this system seems to be what the client wants. The maintenance course was an excellent addition and a must have for any nail tech. i defiantly recommend buying them together as it is better value for money.

Gel and Maintaining Nails Course

Mary Kendell , Elmpt, Germany

This was a Brilliant first Course, The step by step DVD was very insightful and luckily for me i have been able to answer all questions asked of me by clients. The book is Brilliant and goes in to great detail and as always the tutors were at the other end of the phone should i need them. It took me a while to get used to Gel as my background was acrylic but this system seems to be what the client wants. The maintenance course was an excellent addition and a must have for any nail tech. i defiantly recommend buying them together as it is better value for money.

Gel Nail Course

Kim Lochlin , Crawley, West Sussex

I have recently passed my gel course with Essential Nails with a Credit ;o) I had trained in gel nail extensions but this was about 10 years ago. So after deciding this is all that i want to do, i decided to get retrained. The book that comes with a course was a must read for me, it gave so much information along side the DVD, which showed techniques in great detail. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to train in gel extensions. I was able to do this course at my own pace. On average i put about 6-8 hours in per week and i think it had taken about 3 months to complete. I now have the confidence to do nails again. Support staff at Essential Nails are the best your going to get, they are always at the other end of the telephone no matter had big or small your question is. Would highly recommend

From Delivery to Course 100% happy.

Donna Wild , Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland

Ordered the gel course on line and received it 2days later. The course is fantastic and you can go as fast or as slow as you like. If you get stuck and need help there is help either on there phoneline for students or on there Facebook page where Sarah is happy to answer or all off the very helpful students. The dream products are fsntastic and when I do finally get my certificate off qualification and start on paying clients I'll defiantly use the dream products. Thank you so much.

Gel course

Ally , Stockport

Ordered on the friday of BH wkend and it arrived the tuesday as promised. Staff at Essential nails were extremely helpful as i have never done nails before and helped me to choose the right course and package to suit me (a complete beginner) Love the easy to understand book and DVD, Now i just need to get started and start creating some mini masterpieces. 10/10 for everything, Thankyou!

Gel course

Lilian renton , Scotland

Great course very rewarding as a hobbie, or employment. Great support from all the staff at essential nails.

Gel Nail Course

Emma , Farnborough

I bought this course after looking for something to do whilst on maternity leave and its FAB. Its really easy to follow and you can fit it in around you. I passed with a credit and am very excited to get started Cannot wait to do another course, loving the look of the Nail Art!



I have just passed my Gel Nail course with a credit and I am over the moon. I have had the course for over 15mths but only been able to concentrate on it from this yr due to surgery so the fact that there is no time limit on any of the Essential Nails Courses is great. Its such a fantastic feeling when you pass your course and they are so addictive because now I am working on the Nail Art Course and just purchased the Nail Airbrush course for when I have completed that. The Nail Art course is just as fantastic as the Gel Nail course was to do. I will definitely be recommending Essential Nails to all of my future clients. I would also like to say a massive thank you to Sarah and the team as I couldn't of done it without your tutoring. Thanks Guy's xxx

Gel Nail Course

Tracey Blay , Manchester

I purchased my Gel nail course well over a yr ago but due to having 2 back operations I had to take quite a long break whilst I recovered but I have been working on my course now for a couple months and I am submitting my work within the next week or so. I would really recommend any of the Essential Nails courses to anybody that is interested in learning Nails, you get great support from the sales girls, your tutor (in my case Sarah has been a diamond). I have already purchased my next course which is the Nail Art course and will be starting that as soon as I have finished this one.


Lisa Alsford , Milton Keynes

I enrolled on the Gel course after starting the Spa Manicure and Pedicure course. The DVDs make it so easy to start learning, there is much to learn but the step by step lessons break it down into manageable chunks. My decision to train as a nail tech has certainly turned out to be fun, finding the time is easy and by doing an hour at a time I don't feel that i'm overwhelmed. I look forward to learning as much as I can and working hard to become a top nail tech! Thanks to all at EN for being helpful and informative! Learning a new skill is fun and rewarding. Charting my progress makes the results easy to see and spurs me on to finish this course and start the next!

Gel Course

Michelle , Wales

I have recently started the gel course and purchased the maintenance course at the same time. The learning process is really easy and the student support excellent. I am really pleased I chose Essential Nails.


vicky lavender , chester

Thank u!!! I have just found out I passed with distinction, i completed the acrylic course, and currently doing gel, its well worth it!!! and i have just ordered my 4th course-nail art- i cant wait!

gel nail and maintenence course

tracy hand , nottingham

the gel nail course has all the material and guidance you need and the phone help reassurs you and gives lots of help i was suprised to see how much you get on this course including the uv light box and the nail trainer hand is a very big help it looked hard at first but with the nail trainer and practise i find it easier and easier each time i do another nail the dvd is exellent

Maintaining nails

Jodie , Burnham on sea

Ive just ordered this course and cant wait for it to arrive and get started. thanx EN


Lisa Goudy , Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

This was my first ever venture into the world of nails I had never done anything like this before and I loved it. It was challenging yet addictive and I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend EN, I managed to gain a credit on this course down to my commitment, an excellent teaching DVD with Gina as your mentor and superb help at the end of the phone. I will be doing more courses and look forward to my future as a fully fledged nail rech. Thank you EN.

Maintenance Course

Jane Parmenter , Long Melford Suffolk

Wow thank you Essential nails I have just found out I passed with 95% distinction, this course is fab and a must after completing the gel course, so important to learn how to infil and repair the work you have created on your client and keep them coming back to you for more sets, you can also teach yourself how to gel sculpt from the techniques in this dvd too, once you have completed the main courses this one is quick and easy, comes highly recommended 10/10. Thanks again EN.

Essential Maintenence

Tracey Wildman , Bedford

This course is an essential part of becoming a nail tech. It doesn't take long to complete and teaches you how to repair chips and cracks in nail extensions. Would highly recomend after completing your first course.

Gel Nails Course

Tracey Wildman , Bedford

This was my first course with Essential Nails. The course is brilliant and put me on the right path to becoming a nail tech. Once you master the air bubbles when applying the nail tips, the nails you create provide great satisfaction. I would recommend this course as a good first course to any new student.

Gel Nails

Nicola Robinson , East Yorkshire

I was so excited to start this course. It is ideal for anyone who feels they don't want to be rushed. I have some health problems and found the no time limit on Essential Nails Courses ideal. The course is excellent. The dvd is so comprehensive and there is so much to take in. The study book compliments the dvd so well. When I needed assistance everyone one was fantastic. They gave me confidence when I was struggling with blending the nail tips. I have enjoyed the course very much and am about to start Course 6 Maintaining Nail Extensions.

Sue Prescott , South Wales

I now have much more confidence in doing client's nails knowing that I have been trained in maintenance also... the course, like the others, is easy to follow, with great help only a phonecall away! Great quality products provided also! A must have for any nail tech Thanks EN x

Gel Nails

Sue Prescott , South Wales

I would give this course ten out of ten!!!! Not only do you get fantastic products in the kit, you get really lovely ladies offering help whenever you need it!!! A few times I nearly gave up due only to impatience but one phonecall and confidence was restored!!! DVD and book are easy to follow. Love this course!


solveig , denmark

hi i would like to thank essentialnails so much.this is absolutly the best courses ever.i always been in a wheel chair so i can use my hands.i never though i would be good at something but always loved beauty and nails. this has given my everything.now i am something and something i love.and its fun and i can do what i want and when i want and work as anyone else.thank you for everything essentialnails. love solveig

Letasha Ellaway

would deffinatly recommend, quick delivery, friendly advisors and very helpful, the course is easy to follow and comes with everything you need i am looking forward to completing the gel course and going on to the next one

Excellent course Thank you

Loraine Pickering

Thank you to you all, I have almost completed my gel nails course, and REALLY enjoyed it. Quality products, quality support, everything included to get started. Done loads of friends nails and they loved them!! already part way through maintenance and nail art course....which is Brill, and just enrolled on acrylic course today. Looking forward to a new career as a mobile nail tech. THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH. Dont just think about it ENROL TODAY!!

Gel nail Course

Josephine Sanchez

I didnt think i would have enough time to do this course but once i got into it i couldnt stop. I am a mum of 3 and it was hard with kids home and course but once i realised that i could do this in my time with no pressure at my own pace i found it very easy. Well as i said it was brilliant and i passed thank you essential nails. Also only yesterday (16.07.08) I ordered my Acrylic Course, cant wait to get started.... wish me luck

Samantha Gardens

I have loved every minute of this course, i will do more training with Essential nails.



so far i have found the course really good and im really excited about becoming a qualified nail technichian, its easier to do in my own time and work around my current career too. i will also be doing the maintence course afterwards!


This is an excellent course to do :) and i would reccommend it to anyone:)

Gel Nails

Michelle Woodall


Zoe Martin , Norfolk

Thanks for all your support, i now feel ready to go out and do nails, will be ordering my next course very soon

gel courses

Emma Thompson

Customer service has been great, I bought the gel nails course from you and it is brilliant, the website is fab and I have been taken on as a trainee at a local salon already! I love my new job and it's all thanks to my brilliant experience with Essential Nails!


Very excited about completing my maintenance course, i feel so much more confident this time round, will defiantly recommend your courses as college was not for me, i learnt so much more through Essential nails.

Isabelle , scotland

Great course some many tips and techniques well recommended

Michelle Guy , Luton

Only two months ago i was thinking about starting my own business as a nail tech, and now it has come true, these courses are great and i am always learning, thank essential nails can't wait to start my next course.x

Jenny A

I am really glad I completed the maintenance course after the acrylic diploma. It's given me loads of confidence.


Just want to pass my thanks to everyone at Essential Nails. I really can't praise your company enough. From the day I rang up for your brochure to present day everyone was friendly, helpful and made me feel at ease. I love my new job as a nail tec!!!!!!!! Thank you.

Pauline , Ipswich

Enjoyed every minute of the course, thank you for all the support and help given to me over the last few months, i will be booking myself onto the next course in a few days, thanks again.

cassy box

i think essential nails are excellent i have already done the acrylic tip and overlay course and i have just purchased the gel nails course .All the tutors at essential nails are very helpful and always there for you.

Gel course

Joanna Sear

Really good course, I learnt so much more than my college course where the tutor knew nothing about nails!

maintenance nails course

Georgie Parks , Glasgow

I learnt a lot in this course. thnaks

kay bradbury , lemington

Although i've only learnt gel, it told me how to repair acrylic nails, I often have to fix these for my clients. So it's really good to learn all the systems for maintenance

Gel Tp and Overlay course

Sonia , London

I could not believe how easy it was to do this course as I am also a full time mum and did not think that I would have enough time to finish it. Because there was no set finish time for the course I just did my practicing when the kids had gone to bed and did not feel pressured at all.

Gels Nails

Trudy Britton

I am very impressed with the course. I'm looking forward to completing my gel course and then on to my acrylic course which I have already purchased from you. Brilliant site easy to use (not like some). Trudy


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