"Mirror Mirror Fairytales Collection"

Mirror Mirror Fairytales Collection

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest Nail Technician of them all?"
You will be when you use these magical effects powders!

Six stunning chrome effect powders and one truly amazing holographic powder, to transform your nails into magical wonders that fairytales are made of!
This pack contains:
Gelaze® No Wipe Top Coat
Gelaze® Base Coat
Gelaze® Jet

Mirror Mirror Effects Powder:
Fairy Wings 5g
Dragon Flames 5g
Mermaid Tales 5g
Mythical Wizard 5g
Pixie Charms 5g
Dream Catcher 5g

Holo Effects Powder:
Unicorn Spirit 2g

7 Applicators

How to video is avaiable on youtube for this collection https://youtu.be/5W7YSialoDY

Download: How To Apply Mirror Mirror Fairytales Effect Powders
Effects powders

Toni Bohacz , Thatcham

These powders are amazing. I have tried many different ones before essential nails launched theirs and they are by far the best ones I have tried. Holographic and the silver chrome were difficult to find good quality ones as they all seemed a bit more glittery and not quite the effect I had seen. But then I purchased essential nails and they are so fine and the finished look is brilliant, all my clients love them

Time saver

Victoria Hayman , Maidstone, Kent

Now I am newly qualified and a lover of Gelaze, I am yet to find any better polish. When I found out about this non wipe top coat I did a little dance. Not only does it make life easier with air art powders and glitter but it saves time and other products as you don’t need wipe off or non flint pads. It is also just seems more shiny too. My new love ??

Must Have!

Laura Merrick , Worcestershire

This is a staple colour! Its the best pigmented black I have used. You could get away with just one coat :)

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