Gelaze® Gravity 13ml

Gelaze® Gravity 13ml

Gravity - multi-coloured, light reflecting effect polish. A force to be reckoned with!
Amazing dark green; emerald to light green metallic chameleon effect polish, that shines and reflects the shades as your nails move.

For best results
1. Apply Gelaze® Base Coat and cure for 45 seconds.
2. Apply two coats of Gelaze® Jet or another dark pigment colour and cure for 45 seconds.
3. Apply Gelaze® Top Coat and cure for 45 seconds, remove the sticky residue.
4. Then apply Gelaze® Gravity and cure for 2 minutes.
5. Apply Gelaze® Top Coat and cure for 45 seconds.
6. Remove the sticky residue.

Gravity is one of six gorgeous colours, from the Gelaze® Intergalactic Colour Collection. You can order the collection for only £59.95 - saving £17.75 on the price of all six colours, if purchased individually. Get the Complete Collection.

Gelaze® professional UV polishes are silky smooth, they go on to the nail like a dream, giving a beautifully intense and creamy smooth depth of colour to natural nails.

Gelaze® is supplied in volumes of 13ml bottles and will produce up to 27 professional applications.

Gelaze® is easy to apply.
Gelaze® is LED compatible and cures in 2 mins.
Gelaze® is strong and durable and will last for up to two weeks, chip free.
Gelaze® is easy to remove in 10 minutes.

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