Gelaze® Tequila Sunrise 13ml

Tequila Sunrise - Just like the delicious cocktail this opaque colour changing polish fades from bright red to vibrant yellow when you're hot!

Gelaze® professional UV polishes are silky smooth, they go on to the nail like a dream, giving a beautifully intense and creamy smooth depth of colour to natural nails.

Gelaze® is supplied in volumes of 13ml bottles and will produce up to 27 professional applications.

Application is quick and easy, just apply a thin layer of Gelaze® Basecoat, two coats of your choice of colour and then seal with Gelaze® Topcoat, for a perfect finish every time.

Gelaze® is easy to apply.
Gelaze® is LED compatible and cures in 30 seconds.
Gelaze® is strong and durable and will last for up to two weeks, chip free.
Gelaze® is easy to remove in 10 minutes.

I am very impressed :D

Courtney Crosbie , Via Facebook

So... One of my acrylic nails came off today... I knew it was going to, because it was touching my cuticle. Rookie mistake I know! LOL Anyways, my natural nail has gotten pretty long after two months of extensions, but it was also so soft and bendy (I can not stand a bendy nail) I didnt have time to replace the acrylic extension before supper so I put two coats of gelaze on it and WOW!!!! It made my natual nail as strong as it wouldve been had I never put my extensions on! I am very impressed :D and a very happy girl. Thank you Essential Nails!! I love that one nail so much. I cant stop looking at it and touching it. Its so smooth and shiny and pretty! I want all my other extensions to fall off so I can gelaze those nails as well!

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