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Acrylic Art Master Tech Courses
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If you want to master acrylic nail art to international competition standard this is how! A complete acrylic master technician course with tuition by multiple Las Vegas champion Kirsty Meakin. The course includes everything you need to learn Acrylic nail designs at the highest level.

Kirsty has a relaxed yet comprehensive teaching style that makes the course fun and suitable for all experience levels.

You'll learn how to combine coloured and glitter loaded acrylics with freehand art. You'll learn how to sculpt 3D designs and encapsulate them in clear acrylic making nails that have a vibrant glass sculpture quality and you'll learn how to produce the latest extreme edge stiletto shapes.
This course will appeal to everyone. The 'curious and beginners' can watch the lessons, take the tests and get a feel for how our courses work. You will receive a certificate if 85% of your answers are correct. The 'experienced and skilled' nail tech may well learn a lot from watching the lessons, and will be able to adapt any new techniques to their own designs, using products and tools they already posses. The Professional may well want to produce exacting artwork for assessment and certification.

Included in this Master Tech Course are three modules:
  • Glitter Acrylic Freehand
  • Glitter Embedded Acrylic
  • Acrylic Stiletto
If you take the assessment and certification option, you send your finished nails to us for assessment on the progress cards.

• If you have reached the required pass mark we then issue you with your Nail Technician Certification*.

Please contact us for more options on this course: For example if you already have a Nail Trainer hand, or wish to upgrade from the tuition only to have your work assessed and certified. Call us on 01 440 820 999.

*The Qualification/Certification that you receive is issued by the Essential Nails Institute and is nationally recognised within the nail industry. What this means is that you will be able to gain your professional indemnity insurance with our certificate. This insurance will cover you to work from home, mobile or in a salon.

Acrylic Art Course Contents
• Progress Card - Glitter Acrylic Freehand   • Progress Card - Glitter Embedded Acrylic   • Progress Card - Acrylic Stiletto   • Nail Trainer® Practice Hand*   •  40 Nail Trainer® Nails   •  Acrylic Colour - Red Sunset, 3.5gm x2   • Acrylic Colour - Finally Spring, 3.5gm   • Acrylic Colour - At Midnight, 3.5gm   •  Acrylic Glitter - Cosmic Dream, 3.5gm x2   •  Acrylic Glitter - Stardust Cloud, 3.5gm   •  Acrylic Semi Glitter - Sweet Harmony, 3.5gm x2   •  Acrylic Semi Glitter - Sunshine Dreams, 3.5gm   •  Acrylic Semi Glitter - Cerise Clouds, 3.5gm   • Acrylic Salon Powder - Clear, 3.5gm x3   • Acrylic Salon Powder - Snowy White, 3.5gm   • Dream Polish - Top Coat, 11ml x3   •  Dream Salon Acrylic Nail Liquid, 50ml x3   • Nail Art Paint - Blue, 20ml   • Nail Art Paint - Silver, 20ml   • Nail Art Paint - White, 20ml   •  Nail Art Paint - Black, 20ml   • Feather Pack 1   • Feather Pack 2   • Fimo® 20 Slices - Apples   •  Fimo® 20 Slices - Lemons   •  Fimo® 20 Slices - Limes   • Fimo® 20 Slices - Oranges   •  Nail Trainer® Tip Adhesive. 20ml   •  Adhesive Nozzles (Pack of 10)   •  Tweezers   •  Dappen dish   •  Pink swirl kolinsky acrylic brush no 8   •  Striping brush   •  Fine detail brush   •  Manicure brush   •  White buffer block   •  100/180 file   •  Dotting tool   •  Mixing palette   •  Paper forms

Passing the course, (assessment and certification option only) entitles you to automatic membership of 'Aspire', our club for qualified Nail Technicians. Aspire members enjoy 20% discount on Professional Nail Products, access to business help and special offers. See essentialnails.com/aspire for more information.

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