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Acrylic Nails have always dominated the nail industry, making them one of the most sought after nail enhancement treatments amongst clients, including celebrities.

The reason they are popular is due to their long lasting nature, impeccable fit, innumerable designs and low maintenance. Every clients dream, Acrylic Nail treatments should be a Nail Technicians speciality and we will help you master the art with confidence with this professional course allowing you to expand on the services you provide.

This is an independent learning, flexible at-home course that fits around your lifestyle and schedule. It's convenient and condensed into a DVD which you can pause, rewind and repeat at your discretion. No college commitments, commute or expensive fees - simple one-to-one, private tutoring at the comfort of your home. Especially designed for aspiring nail technicians, no previous experience or qualification is needed to complete this course.

• This Acrylic Nail Course is a comprehensive training course.

• It contains everything you need to become a Qualified Acrylic Nail Technician.

• You watch your lessons on the DVD with Gina as your Personal tutor.

• You will be provided with the Nail Trainer practice hand to create your nail extensions and to simulate the experience of providing the service to clients in a salon.

On completing your Acrylic nail course:

• Just send your finished nails to us for assessment.

• If you have reached the required pass mark we then issue you with your Nail Technician Certification.

*The Qualification/Certification that you receive is issued by the Essential Nails Institute and is nationally recognised within the nail industry. What this means is that you will be able to gain your professional indemnity insurance with our certificate. This insurance will cover you to work from home, mobile or in a salon.

Acrylic Overlay Course Syllabus.
Essential Nails is the only distance learning provider that require students to submit finished nails for assessment and certification. Thus ensuring that a holder of a EN certificate has proved competency in producing nails to a high standard.

The course is split onto three parts; Foundation, Essential Techniques and Working the Whole Hand.

Part 1, Foundation;

You watch the video, read sections of the manuals, answer the question papers and where appropriate, practice on the Nail Trainer.


By the end of this section you will be able to;
Understand why clients want nail enhancements, and their advantages.
Identify the different nail systems and their advantages and disadvantages.
Understand the basics of being a Nail Technician.
Understand the advantages of learning from home and the route to getting qualified as a Nail Technician.

Getting ready to learn.

At the end of this section you will have learnt all about the following subjects;
The contents of the kit of tools and products, what they are and what they do, specifically;
Acrylic Liquid. Acrylic powder. Cotton pads. Cuticle massage oil. Nail Adhesive. Nail Polishes. Top coat. Extension Tips. Nail sanitizer. Primer. Kitchen towels. Extender nozzles. Buffers. Kolinsky Sable brush. Cuticle pusher. Manicure brush. Files. Nail clippers. Dappen dish.

The Nail Trainer, time management and practice regime.

The outcome of this section will be that you'll understand how the Nail Trainer works and how its vital to learn and practice in a logical and consistent manner.

Salon Skills.

At the end of this section you will understand;
How you create a professional attitude, personal appearance and surroundings.
Why your appearance is important.
What qualities make a professional nail technician.
About good personal hygiene.
How prepare for and greet the client.
About good manners, courtesy and communication.
About how to deal correctly with colleagues.
About ethics in the work place.
About retail sales.

Chemicals - hazards and safety procedures.

In this chapter you will learn all about the chemicals used in the Nail Salon.
At the conclusion you will understand fully;
About the safe use of nails tools, specifically the file, buffers, sensitisation, electric files, UV lamps, tip removers, primers, acetone, gel prep, wipe off, acrylic liquids, accelerators, tip glues, acrylic powders.
About the safe storage, use and disposal of nail products and chemicals.
The risks of exposure to chemicals, both for you and your client.
The health hazards of dust and vapour through ingestion, inhalation, and absorption.
The basic chemical reactions that occur in the different nail systems; acrylic, gels and fibreglass.

Health and safety procedures.

At the end of this section the learner will know about;
Disease and bacteria.
Infection, why it happens and how to avoid it.
The differences between Sanitation, Disinfection and Sterilisation.
How to handle nail tools to eliminate cross contamination.

The parts of a nail.

Following completion of this section the learner will understand;
The names for different parts of the nail, how the nail grows and the different nail shapes.
About common nail diseases, how to recognise them and what to do about them.
About common nail diseases, those that can be dealt with by a Nail Technician and those that cannot.

Pre-service rules.

At the conclusion of this section the learner will understand how to work through the pre-service check list before offering a service to the client.

Part 2 - Essential Techniques

In Part 2, you work through the practical aspects of learning nails. Working on the Nail Trainer practice had you are lead through a number of learning and practice lessons to build your hand-eye co-ordination, improve and speed up your technique and gain confidence.

Basic techniques - filing. In this section the learner will learn how to hold the file correctly, to minimise repetitive stress disorder and maximise filing accuracy and efficiency.
The correct techniques are demonstrated and a practice regime suggested.
At the conclusion of this section, the student will be able to file accurately, shaping a nail with perfect symmetry and even pressure using pre-determined file grips and finger positions.

The Acrylic overlay - 6 steps to perfect Acrylics.
The learner works on the Nail Trainer creating the extensions on the nails and saving them on special 'progress cards' at each step of the nail build.

Step 1 and 2. After working through this section the learner will have learnt about and had practical experience of;
Selecting the correct tools and products for the task.
Removing any old polish.
Preparing the natural nail to take the product.
The speed required to complete the task in a salon.
Preparing at least 10 nails, which are saved for assessment.

Step 3. Tipping. After working through this section the learner will have learnt about and had practical experience of; How to select the correct tools and products for the task.
Choosing the correct sized tip.
Shaping the free edge.
Sizeing the width of tip
Cleaning the tip's well.
Applying glue to tip.
Judging the correct amount of glue.
Placing the tip on the nail - the correct angle.
How to minimise air pockets.
Gluing times.
Cutting the tip.
Streamlining the left edge of the tip.
Streamlining the right edge of the tip.
Shaping the free edge.
Thinning the free edge of the tip.
Blending the seam left, centre and right seam.
After watching and practicing these techniques slowly the student is shown the techniques at salon speed, and having followed the suggested practice regime will have tipped, blended and saved for assessment at least 8 nails.

Step 4 applying the Acrylic. After working through this section the learner will have learnt about and had practical experience of; How to select the correct tools and products for the task.
Cleaning and priming.
The correct way of holding your brush.
Cleaning and Wetting the brush.
Forming the Acrylic ball.
The different nail zones.
Applying the Overlay zone 1 - the free edge.
Applying the Overlay zone 2 - nail crown.
Applying the Overlay zone 3 - cuticle
Blend the entire surface.
Cleaning and care of your brush.
Acrylic setting times.
How to check the Acrylic has set.
After watching and practicing these techniques slowly the student is shown the techniques at salon speed, and having followed the suggested practice regime will have applied acrylic to, and saved for assessment, at least 6 nails.

Step 5. Shaping & finishing to a perfect glass like surface. After working through this section the learner will have understood and had practical experience of;
How to select the correct tools and products for the task.
How to recognise the correct shape required.
Streamlining the left and right edges of the nail.
Smoothing the top, middle / left and middle / right.
Buffing and applying cuticle oil.
How to ask for payment.
After application sanitation.
After watching and practicing these techniques slowly the student is shown the techniques at salon speed, and having followed the suggested practice regime will have shaped, and saved for assessment, at least 4 nails.

Step 6, polishing. To enhance and protect. After working through this section the learner will have understood and had practical experience of;
Ridge fillers and hardeners.
Nail polishes and applying the polish.
How to mix the polish.
Techniques for a shaky hand.
Top coats, and interlocking to avoid smudging.
Colour combinations and matching complexions.
After watching and practicing these techniques slowly the student is shown the polishing techniques at salon speed, and having followed the suggested practice regime will have applied polish to, and saved for assessment, at least 2 nails.

Part 3. Working the WHOLE HAND. Improving technique and speed. In this section the student starts practicing on 5 different nail shapes fitted to thumb and fingers. At the end of the section the student will have prepped, tipped, blended, applied Acrylic, shaped and polished at least 6 sets of nails, with a recommended practice regime of completing another 54.

Conclusion. How to submit your question papers and completed nails.
Your test results, ENP certification and route to further skills.

Acrylic Tip & Overlay Course Contents
• The Nail Trainer® Practice Hand*   • Acrylic Suppliment   • Unlimited telephone support   • 2 hour teaching DVD   • 240 page reference manual   • Progress cards   • 8 question papers   • Assessment and certification   • Re-assessment if you fail.   • 200 x Cotton wipes   • Nail clippers   • Manicure brush   • 15ml Red Polish   • 15ml Top coat   • 100ml Sanitiser   • 20ml Tip adhesive   • 5 x Glue nozzles   • File and buffer pack   • 10 x Workhorse towels   • Cuticle pusher   • Kolinsky Acrylic brush   • Dappen dish   • 70gm salon powder   •  200ml Acrylic liquid   • 15ml cuticle oil   • 100 practice nails   • 100 extension tips

Passing the course, entitles you to automatic membership of 'Aspire', our club for qualified Nail Technicians. Aspire members enjoy 20% discount on Professional Nail Products, access to business help and special offers. See essentialnails.com/aspire for more information.

*Omitted in the conversion course.

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Acrylic course

Suzanne cook , Suffolk

Highly recommended


Jac , Sheffield

The course so far has been very enjoyable. It means I can get on with things in my own time and the support over the phone has been so helpful and the tutors are so lovely to chat to. The one downside of the course is that the dvd is very old fashioned. It could do with an update, however the principle of the course is great x

Acrylic course

Jackie Ayres , Walton on Thames

So excited to start my acrylic course with essential nails. Kim was very helpful and friendly so much help


Allie Tapsell , Cambridge

Loved the Acrylic course- it took me a couple of attempts but was so glad of the feedback- Jo has been instrumental in my confidence building - the support and guidance from the team is amazing- I’ve completed two courses so far and on my third- but not final

Amazing acrylic course!

Amy Dovey , Gloucestershire

loved this course everything you needed came altogether in the box you can work at your own pace and if you get stuck the lady's are very very helpful highly recommend this course you literally can not go wrong ;)

acrylic course

rebecca gore , golborne

ive just finnished my first course with EN, and i loved it, the information on the dvd and in the book was presice and really helped me to understand each step, also the product is of very high quality far better than anything ive been using. i think i will be buying more of EN's products more often. thankyou EN staff for all your help

Acrylic Course

Julie Misters , Midlands

I throughly enjoyed doing this course it was the 1st course I completed with Essential Nails, I had never even had my own nails enhanced so was a little apprehensive. I needn't of worried because there was always a friendly voice ready to help me out with any questions I had. I was thrilled to bits when I found out I passed with distinction it was something I never expected when I started the course. The kit includes everything you need to complete and the products are of high quality giving a professional finish to the nails. All I will say is keep practicing as much a possible and you will see improvements and you too can have a new career that you enjoy

Acrylic nails

Katie , York

Just ordered acrylic nail course can't wait for it to arrive and for me to get started quick and easy payment plan aswel xxx Thank you for enrolling with us Katie, enjoy completig your training :)


Lisa , Augher,co.tyrone,N.ireland

I done acrylic course was really easy to learn Thank you Lisa,we are glad you enjoyed your course

Acrylic tips and overlay

Desrie , West London

this is my 5 course with EN loved doing this course I just got a credit pass and will be doing more courses with EN. THANKS TO THE EN STAFF FOR ALL THEY HELP

Acrylic nails

Zoe , London

I have just ordered the acrylic nails course and I'm super excited to start! I think it's fab that it's finally something I've been interested in doing but at home around the kids and work! Payment plan is brill Thank you for enrolling with us Zoe. Well done for taking the first step to becoming a professional nail technician. Enjoy your Acrylic Diploma Course, The EN Team.


Sarah , Plymouth

Yippee I've just passed my first course ,the acylic course . And I must say I've loved every minute of it . All the hard work I've put in has finally paid off. And I can't wait to start the next course :-) Well done & Congratulations sarah, thank you for choosingt o train with Essential Nails, we are so glad you enjoyed your training and delighted you willbe taking more courses with us. Jax

Fantastic Course

Jemma , Preston

I really enjoyed learning from home. The support was fab and even though it took me 7 months to submit my work I got my pass certificate last week :) Happy days! Now enrolled onto the gel course.

Soo excited!

Jade , Marden, Tonbridge

I can't wait to start my course :) I've always been intrested in nails Thank you for choosing to train with us Jade, enjoy your course


Donna , Aberdeen

Fab course. Liked learning with dvd at own pace. great support from staff at essential nails. amazed at how well they can see where you are going wrong by listening to you or looking at your work. have passed this course with credit.

Acrylic Nail Course

tracey morris , United Kingdom

Have just received my pass certificate in the the post Congratulations Tracey and well done on all your hard work

Fantastic course!

Kaylz , Scotland

I loved doing this course I just got a credit pass and will be doing more courses. The DVD is so easy to follow x

Brilliant course

tracey morris , United Kingdom

I started this course about 2 weeks ago

Brilliant course

tracey morris , United Kingdom

I started this course about 2 weeks ago

Acrylic nail course

Holly , Walsall

Ive just finished and sent off my finished acrylic and maintance course, which i hope i have passed in. I really enjoyed it and the ladys at essential nails where always happy to help and really friendly. Id recommend this course to anybody. Gina was a really good teacher and she explained everything really clearly. Hopefully going to do the gel nail course next.

louise , west yorkshire

i started this course about 3 weeks ago and i am loving it, i have done my first assesment which i am very proud of, and i have also been doing my friends and my own nails the course is very easy to follow and i cannot wait to finish so i can start another one.

acrylic extensions course

deborah hastings , peterborough

well what can i say , i have been doing this course about 5 weeks now and loved every minute of it , i have already submitted my work and am really hoping i have done well , i have done a lot of practice on the nail trainer and also on friends (all of which have been really pleased and also surprised how quick i have learnt ) i am now about to start the nail art course and will definately go on to do lots more of the courses , would reccommend this to anyone thinking of startin up and have already got a few friends interested in it , top course :)

Acrylic Course

Maryanne , East Sussex

Great course with everything you will need to learn about Acrylic nails, I began last year it was 95% perspiration and determination, I started eight months ago and worked everyday on the course. I found the dvd easy to follow, with the lovely Gina her accent was very infectious the nail trainer was great as getting models impossible, I learnt so many techniques that only a true professional could teach. Having done an external course recently I found that the essential nail course was much more informative. Stick at it and do not give up. Once I was qualified I opened my studio at home and got started and now have a business called Fab10nails and growing, even done a celebrities nails cannot say who as signed a confidential paper. I have completed Spa manicure, pedicure and Gel nails thanks to essential nails I have realised my dreams. Highly recommend.

great course, support when needed

Jenna , Hertfordshire

This is a brilliant course if you wish to qualify as a nail tech, unfortunatley for me, after i ordered the couse i found it hard to find the time to do it as i have children! Hi , there are no time limits on our courses, so you can take as long as you need to complete your courses work around your children, without any pressure. Some students find that just a couple of hours a week works for them. We are here to support you and will assess your work whenever you return it to us, just let us know if we can help.

great support

edona , albania

nails with butterfly

very helpful!

Amy Bowyer , wiltshire

I ordered my course today through the helpline and they were so helpful, pleasant and well lovely! She gave me advise on courses, arranged a payment plan and on dates to suit me! The best customer service i had ever dealt with! Very excited to get started now! :-)

Excellent !

Karina , Rochester, Kent

Ive just completed this course and passed with distinction !! Worked hard and completed in just a couple of months :) Im now addicted!! cant wait to order another course and im hoping to make a career out of doing Nails now. Thanks to everyone at Essential Nails for your support, Im sure il be around for a while. :D xxx


Marcelle Tuckley , Birmingham

So far, I have completeed and passed the Nail Art Course with a distinction and the Acrylic Course with a credit. I am currently working on the Maintenance Course and will go on to the Gels after that. I have never been good at studying but Essential Nails have made my passion into a reality as their courses are fantastic, excellent value for money and Sarah and Nicky I have found to be extremely friendly and supportive. Thank you Essential Nails

Justin Hustwait , Kettering Northamptonshire

Well as I had no prior knowledge of Nail enhancements I searched and searched for the right course and decided to go for Essential Nails training. Can I say the best decision I made The course content is very in depth and easy to follow the products you recieve are good the nail trainer is excellent the fact you are learning from a dvd is genius as I learn better from being shown rather than reading I found this method great and if i was unsure I just watched again till I got the hang off it ... It took awhile but the support is good and I passed.....Have done two courses since this one and plan to do many more....as a result of these courses I have secured employment solely on the training I have had from Essential Nails...... So thank you !!!!!!!!!!

Acrylic Overlay

Claire Ingram , Kettering

Just started this course, it is my first. arrived next day easy to follow step by step dvd and book, I ama enjoying learning. Thank you

Acrylic nails course

Claire till , Telford

I've just started this course. I found Sarah is very friendly and helpful and I received my course next day delivery!! Loving it so far.

Loving it!

Nicole Jones , Darlington

I am really enjoying this course. Everyone I have spoke to at Essential Nails has been really friendly and I have had great feedback from my progress card. I cannot wait to get started on the Airbrushing course to go with thse fabulouse Acrylics. Thank you Essential Nails :-)

Acrylic nail course

clare m , kidderminster

I have not long started this course and its amazing, the dvd is very easy to follow and the course books are very helpful...great course to do!!!


zoe , worthing,west sussex

Hi im really interested in doing a nail course and these sound fab being able to do them in the comfort of my own home, can anyone let me know how they got on doing them because im unsure but dont fancy going to college to do a course because of my job.Thanks Hello Zoe These courses have a fully recognised qualification, you will cover the theory as well as the practical side of nails, it's set out step by step with ongoing support, please visit out facebook page and chat to other student/graduates.

nail art

Nikita swan , 51 lawrence ave stonebridge nw10 8eq

i would like to do this course beacuse it looks good and ive always wanted to do it plus i can make my self a little bit of money

Alison Baillie , Manchester

Hi, I've now completed four courses, The Acrylic course, the gel, the maintenance courses and Nail Art. I passed three courses with credit and one course with a distinction. I have to say that the nail art was my favourite, but I loved doing them all. Sarah and Jax have been brilliant all the way through, even since passing my courses and even when I've been uncertain of things they have been there to reassure me. (Thanks to you both) I am hoping to do the airbrush course next and cannot wait! Also I have bought some dream products from them too and these are great!! very good quality and easy to work with. Thanks EN Alison xx

Acrylic Nail Course

Stephanie Adeniji , London

I took this course and found the instructor on the training DVD was well gounded and carried you along explaining why some steps need to be taking. Its really wonderful to be able to take the course at home and at ones pace. The course contents are fantastic because you get good products sent to you to complete the course...its more like you have started your nail business alreadty. I now a qualified as a Nail Technician after passing this course with a credit...this is fantastic!!! I have purchased some more courses and I am sure they would be as interesting and informative as this. Essential nails, keep the good work up

Acrylic Nail Course

Tracey Wildman , Bedford

This was my third course with Essential Nails. I can't believe I am able to train to be a nail tech at home its brilliant!! The course is very informative and helps you to create great nails. Sarah and Nikki have been so helpful since I started training. A big thank you to them for all their help.

Fantastic Course!!...

Natasha Carter , Bucks

I got this course last year and I loved it from the start, I also did the maintainence course and have almost compleated the Acrylic Sculpting. If it wasnt for Essential Nails I dont think I would have been able to fulfil my dream of being a Nail Technician as I have been able to train at home in my own time and own pace. Im now planning on getting the Nail Art and Airbrushing courses and cant wait to start them!

acrylic nail course

kay smith-jeffrey , haverhill, suffolk

I would like to thank essential nails for all the support in doing this course. it was a fantastic course because you had no time limit and the payments were a great help. i would recommend essential nails to anyone who is interested in doing nails. i also done the nail art course which is fantastic.

Fantastic Course

Suzy Fligelstone , Stanmore, Middlesex

Wow, can't believe I passed with distinction. Thanks to Essential Nails and your fabulous course. Not to mention the great and continuing support you receive all through the course. I found the DVD and book both very helpful and the phone support and emails from Sarah always encouraging. The course comes with everything you need to get started. If you are like me you wont be able to put it down once you start, especialy with your new best friend, the nail trainer. Good luck to anyone who takes the course - you will love it.

Corrina Hughes

Would like to say thank you so much to all at essential nails I have started my acrylics course and loving every minute of it even if it is harder and more complex than i thought it would be but its great.

fantastic acrylic course

Naomi Doswell , Hastings

This course is fantastic, you get everything you need, all the help you could wish for......AND you could end up a fully qualified Nail Tech just like me!!! Thanks essential nails. x

Acrylic Nail Course

Ruby Whitman , Ipswich Suffolk

I have always been interested in nails but never had time to go to college ect to be able to complete a course, after alot of research i came across Essential Nails, it looked great, i could start when i want, practice when i want and have flexible payments, all of these really helped as i have 3 young children! I started the course in october 09, did it at my own pace, when i had a problem or question the essential nails team were always there and were very helpful to find a soloution for me. I have since sent in my course for review which was extremely easy to do, and have had my good news personally delivered over the phone by ther lovely sarah, to say i had passed! I am thrilled to bits with myself and now feel i am on the learning ladder to bigger and better things! Dont hesitate when it comes to courses, qaulifications or tests, you really wont go wrong with Essential Nails!

Great service and course

Donna Caldicott , west midlands

I went with Essential nails after speaking to Nikki (customer services) she told me everything i needed to know helped me choose the right course and payment scheme. Delivery was very quick. The course itsself was fab, everything u needed to know and all the equipment. I was able to work at my own pace and it fitted in with my family.After sales / student support - again fab customer service.THANKS ESSENTIAL NAILS IM A QUALIFIED NAIL TECH XXX

Acrylic Nail Course.


I was very pleased with the customer service staff, they were friendly and helpful. I ordered the Acrylic nail course, maintenance course and nail art course. All the contents are of high quality and the DVD is very helpful. The Hand Trainer makes life so much easier!! Cant wait to send my cards back for marking and start some more courses with Essential Nails.

Looking Good

Debbie Broome

Delivery was very fast, packaged very well and the communication amazing. I would recommend Essential Nails to everyone wanting to learn. I can not wait to get started now I have everything I need, and I am sure your going to hear from me soon :-)

Acrylic Nail Course

Debbie Leighton

This course is EXCELLENT from placing your order to delivery which is very fast to the products. The products are very superior to other products I have seen online. The people that work at Essential Nails are there to help you and they want you to succeed. I am VERY happy with the course and will keep enjoying. Thanks

great course


Really great course, great phone support too. course was here the day after i ordered it which was great as i was excited about getting started, Really enjoying it and i can fit it in around family life and dont feel pressure to have it done. When i was stuck i just called got answered right away no waiting on hold. Great Great Great Even thinking of doing gel now its so easy to fit in . also great payment options for us who need it.

Marie Drummond

This course allows you to have practical work assessed; other companies only assess written work, which I find strange. How can you possibly gain a qualification for something that you have no practical experience of. Also the range of follow on courses at more affordable prices after I have completed the first is very good.



Wow, I just can not say how good this has been well recommended! I very happy with the course

Acrylic Nail Course

Josephine Sanchez

I wish to thank the whole team for thier help in this course I have just this moment received my email stating that I have passed with a credit and I have two diploma's with Essenial Nails Ltd and now I can get going with a career that I didnt think I could ever do. This course was pretty easy to do with the help of the dvd and book and also help online thank you all again whhhoopppepee :) Hope to do a further course the beginning of next year.



Just got my certificate for the acrylic course and just finished the gel and now doing the airbrush course. The courses are fantastic and i enjoyed every minute. I am now going to get my business cards made and its all thanks to essential nails and their team. I look forward to doing all their courses in the near future. Thank you


well what can i say!!! so helpful and very understanding, thankyou for all your help a very good course and would recommend to anyone.

Hillary , York

Really enjoying my course, find it so relaxing when the kids have gone to bed, thanks for your help when i called it is nice knowing you are there if i need you.


have recently passed my acrylic course and wanted to share with the world what a fantasic course it is!!!!! all the training materials and support from essential nails was fantastic and am so proud of myself for passing with a mark of credit!! i would recommend this course to anyone who wanted to learn to become a nail tech and cant wait to change my working life with this new qualification!!! thanks essential nails!!


linda green

fantastic no time limit doing the gel now and the nail art


This course was very interesting and i've learnt alot it was worth every penny ,Thanks to everyone at essential nails:-)

Jessica , London

These courses are amazing, you learn everything you need to know about nails, and to top it off i have got my self a great job working in a salon, this time last year i was in a job i hated and now i love what I do. Thanks you.

Sally Stevens , London

Big thanks for all your help, the acrylic course was laid out really well and really enjoyed it.

Sally Nunn

I have completed my acrylic course, i am now building up a client base and still getting the full support from the Essential nails team, i will be doing more courses. Thanks.

Denise Pot , Surry

Thank you Essential nails, really enjoyed the course will be doing more.

Gemma Montgomery , London

I placed my order yesterday and have just received it today. I want to say how satisfied I am with the service you provided. Delivery was very fast, packaged very well and communication was spot on. I would definitely recommend Essential Nails to anyone. It has been a dream of mine to become a nail technician. I feel this course is the best route to take. I can not wait to get started now I have everything I need. Thank you very much.

Acrylic course


I can't say enough good things about this course, everyone was so helpful and I did not feel that I was on my own at all. It was very easy to follow the dvd and to fit in the training whenever I was free, infact I went on to do the air brush course as well.

Acrylic course


This is a fantastic course. I didn't study much at school but I got a distinction for my nails and I feel so proud with myself. I can't wait to start seeing my ladies.


Anon , Somerset

I looked at lots of courses and decided this was the best one. I'm really pleased I made this decision as I'm now building great extensions and recieving complimnets from both clients and fellow technicians

Acrylic course

Dionne , Auckland New Zealand

Thanks for your time and thanks again for everything Im very happy with the course :0)

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