Soak Off Gel White

Soak Off Gel White

Soak Off Gel

Essential Nails Professional Soak Off Gel is a medium viscosity hard gel. It has been developed to be easy to apply and easy to remove with acetone based, Gel Soak Off.

Essential Nails Professional Soak Off Gel provides maximum strength for clients, which need extra strength to support weak natural nails or for building nail extensions. It is self levelling and easy to shape. Once the overlays have been cured, a quick swish with super shine wipe off will reveal a beautiful set of glossy nails that will wow your clients.

Traditionally Gels have been removed by filing away the overlay, but with this formulations the overlay can be soaked off (just like acrylics) to save the busy Nail Technician filing time.

  Self levelling
  Natural Nail Overlays
  Tip & Overlay
  Super Gloss Shine
  2 Minute LED UV Cure
  Soaks Off

Use Soak Off when you want to build natural overlays or nail extensions and prefer to remove your clients Gels by soaking off rather than filing.

White Soak Off Gel
Soak Off White is a high white gel, perfect for creating French free edges. Partner it with Soak Off Clear for a natural French look or with Soak Off Pink for classic French manicure.

Note; because of the high pigmentation of Soak Off white, it is slightly thicker in consistency. If you find your white is too stiff for you to work with, just give it a little stir to relax the consistency.

Soak Off Gel also available in Clear and Pink.

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