One Stroke Master

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This course teaches the wonderful nail art techniques of Japan. Clever and subtle use of... more

One Stroke Master

This course teaches the wonderful nail art techniques of Japan. Clever and subtle use of your brush will result in you creating a superb range of artworks including flowers and fauna, insects and birds and iconic Japanese imagery.

Your tutor is the most talented of nail artists Kirsty Meakin and the course includes everything you need to learn at this level.

There are 3 modules, each containing on-line training, tools and materials, student support, assessment and certification. When you have completed this course you should be looking to display your work in a gallery - it will be that good!

Included in this Master Tech Course are three modules:

  • One Stroke Flowers
  • One Stroke Tropical Wings
  • One Stroke Japanese Inspired

Each module contains materials and on-line training.
Plus there's a toolkit, assessment, support and certification:
• You send your finished nails to us for assessment.

If you have reached the required pass mark we then issue you with your Nail Technician Certification*.

*The Qualification/Certification that you receive is issued by the Essential Nails Institute and is nationally recognised within the nail industry. What this means is that you will be able to gain your professional indemnity insurance with our certificate. This insurance will cover you to work from home, mobile or in a salon.

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One Stroke Course Contents • The Nail Trainer® practice hand*...

Course Contents

One Stroke Course Contents
• The Nail Trainer® practice hand*   • Course Access - One Stroke Flowers   • Course Access - One Stroke Tropical Wings   • Course Access- One Stroke Japanese Inspired   • Progress Card - One Stroke Flowers   • Progress Card - One Stroke Tropical Wings   • Progress Card - One Stroke Japanese Inspired   • Techniques Progress Card - One Stroke Flowers   • Techniques Progress Card - One Stroke Tropical Wings   • Techniques Progress Card - One Stroke Japanese Inspired   • Assessment Advice and reassessment if you fail   • Unlimited telephone support   • Nail Art Nails x 40   • Nail Polish - Sand Garden 11ml   • Nail Polish - Electric Blue 11ml   • Nail Polish - Sunset Bay 11ml   • Nail Polish - Raspberry Smoothie 11ml   • Nail Polish - Silk Kimono 11ml   • Nail Polish - Beijing 11ml x2   • Polish - Mont Blanc 11ml x3   • Polish - Midnight Blue 11ml   • Top Coat x3   • Base Coat 11ml x3   • Rhinestones - Red Round x3   • Rhinestones - Silver Round x3   •  Paint - Red 13g x3   • Paint - Yellow 13g x3   • Paint - Rose 13g x3   • Paint - Dark Blue 13g x3   • Paint - White 13g x3   • Paint - Black 13g x3   • Paint - Silver 10ml x3   • Paint - Gold 10ml x3   • + White Buffer Block   • + Nail Art Palette   • + Super Fine Detail Brush   • + Flat Shader Brush   • + Angle Shader Brush   • + Dotting Tool.

* Nail Trainer hand optional extra 

These are the prices for buying the course with a one off payment. Remember to add a Nail...

Prices & Options

These are the prices for buying the course with a one off payment. Remember to add a Nail Trainer Hand if you don't already have one!

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One Stroke Master
Tuition & Theory
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You also have options to upgrade to the Tools & Products option, or upgrading to the Full Course which include Tools, Products and Assessment & Certification.
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Customer evaluation for "One Stroke Master"
Melinda Townsend

One Stroke Course

Loved working through the designs that Kirsty has come up with and Essentialnails really helped me get the quality of my work up high.

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