Successful Graduate – Vikki Hayman

Kay Gillespie
Well hi, my name is Vikki Hayman and I am a pink flowery and glittery nail wearer Mum of 3, who found the world of nails last August. Did I mention I have a two whole draws full of glitter and flowers?!

About 8 years ago I found my self a single Mum of 2 and in desperate need to better my self-confidence and my situation. I decided to try and become a teacher to work around my children (as I believed this was the only serious job to do that) and to do that I needed a degree.

I went to uni, worked hard and got a first honours degree, but it was then that my son got diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Sensory processing disorder and so on. Well, a few months later my daughter got diagnosed to so time was now spent giving them all the care they needed.

Fast forward to last year and I had been with the ‘man of my dreams’ for 5 years and had baby number 3 (crazy I know right lol) and during this time I had become a serious art curator by organising art shows for different artists from around the world suffering from depression. My baby was 6 months old and I decided to go and get my nails done as I had been a nail biter all my life and needed to feel good about something. Well….. 4 hours later I am going over my nails with a file and crying as the nail tech had cut me 5 times with the file. It was then that I realised I could do better and the bright idea entered my head. I didn’t have the option to go back to uni or college but I wanted to learn and that’s where I found Essentials Nails.

I have never been happier (really I mean it) my depression is almost gone (the odd day here and there) and I am so much more relaxed and enjoy life so much more. Thanks to Essentials Nails wonderful support and their strict guidelines (yes even I had work sent back to redo lol) I now run my own home salon. I have such lovely clients who I can have a laugh with and I never thought there would be a job that I could work around my family and be not just happy but excited to get to. There is nothing like seeing a clients confidence grow as they walk out smiling because you made their nails beautiful. It’s a lovely feeling and one I am grateful I can have, Thank you to everyone at Essentials Nails. xx.

If you told me a year ago that one day I will sitting here wearing pink flower glittery nails, that I did myself, My serious big head would have laughed at you and say how silly you sound. (thank god I found Essential Nails).