Successful Graduate – Sara Morris

Sara Morris

My name is Sara, I am married with three children, Connor 4, Olivia-Rose 3 and Jack 10 months.

I have always worked since the age of 17, however, after having my third child I made the decision to stop working. Having three kids to raise and working became quite difficult and during my last pregnancy working became even more stressful, I couldn’t keep up with the demands put on me. As I worked for my Father’s company a lot was expected of me and I felt having three children I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands as my children now took priority over everything else. Whilst on maternity leave I made the decision not to go back to my job of 8 years and just be a mum to my children and wife to my husband, which was great at the start, however, after a few month I began to feel useless as I was no longer contributing financially and having to rely on my husband to provide for us all, asking for money really wasn’t something I enjoyed doing at all, not after being independent for so long. It really started to get me down and I didn’t feel happy with where my life was going. I wanted to provide a good life for my children and knew if I was to do this I had to do something. That’s were Essential Nails came in.

My journey so far with Essential nails.

I have always loved the idea of being a fully qualified nail technician and nail artist, college wasn’t an option for me as I had the children to care for. In April this year I began my search for home learning, I found Essential Nails. After reading there reviews I decided this was something that I could do and really enjoy. All the courses were self paced so there was no demand on me to submit work by specified dates, which meant I could work around my family life.

June this year I purchased my first 2 courses, Gel Tip and Overlay and Gel Polish. I was so excited and could wait to get started, it felt great to have something to do other than just being mum, I started to feel positive about the future. After a few month both course where shipped off for assessment and I was very happy to hear that I had passed both with flying colors. I just had to do another course and this time I chose the Gelaze Pro Expert Nail Art course, this course was so much fun, I thoroughly enjoyed creating these beautiful nails, I passed with full marks.

Gel tip and overlay

Gel Polish

I didn’t stop there!!!! I just has to continue so I purchased the free hand paint and polish nail art course, this I found quite challenging but absolutely loved it. As the course was much more detailed it took me a little longer to complete and as I am a perfectionist, everything had to be perfect. I found out only a few days ago that I also passed, in fact they where so impressed with my work they wanted to keep for display and inspiration for other students. As flattered as I was I declined, my blood sweat and tears went into creating those nails and I wanted them back so I could display them.
I intend to complete Acrylic Tip and Overlay, Acrylic Sculpt, Acrylic Nail Art and Tokyo One Stroke over the next year. EXCITED MUCH!!!

Frehand nail art M1

Gel nail art

Essential Nail Diploma Course Certificate

My plans for the future is to become self employed and be able to offer my service to the highest of standards, but most important to me is job satisfaction and being able to provide a good life for my family. I have already began my journey to self employment by setting up a room in my home, I will be open for business soon and I cant wait. None of this would have be possible if it wasn’t for EN.

Nail salon

To me EN is not just a home learning provider, they are my savior. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today, they have helped bring back my confidence and given me the opportunity of a fantastic future and career. The staff are always on hand to help, in particular for me Sarah G, Sara O and Nadine. All three of you inspire me, if I had to describe you all in one word it would be (INSPIRATIONAL) so thank you ladies and thank you Essential Nails you are truly AWESOME! I have never been happier than I am now, beautiful family and a great career ahead of me, what more in life do you need “except for you, obviously”

Many Many Many Thanks EN Team

Sara Morris.

Sara was recently awarded with the Essential Nails Student of the Month Award. We wish Sara every success with her career in nails and will be there with her every step of the way!”