Successful Graduate – Nicky Branco

Nicky Branco
Hello, my name is Nicky Branco. Choosing Essential Nails as a training provider was the best decision I ever made. I have had so much support from the Essential Nails Team and have also made some really lovely nail tech friends along the way. Training with Essential Nails meant I could train at my own pace.

After moving to a different part of the country I completely re-evaluated my career, previously a legal secretary for 8 years I decided I wanted a complete change. I always had a passion for nails and had wanted to do it years ago, so in November 2016 I purchased the Essential Nails Complete Nail Tech course and slowly but steadily worked my way through all the courses. I then continued on to complete the Essential Nails Acrylic Tip extension course.

There were many times I questioned my ability and wondered if I would be successful, but around May 2017 I felt confident enough to start charging clients. I only had half a dozen clients when I started, but that was enough to help build my confidence and slowly my client base started building. In December 2017 I was given the amazing opportunity to rent a small salon at a hotel not far from where I lived, I took the opportunity with both hands. I have always believed I would rather fail trying than never try at all, after all, there are no guarantees in life! So I gave the salon a quick lick of paint and added a few small touches, then was open for business. I have only been open a few weeks but fingers crossed it is going really well.

I am determined to make a go of it and will give it all I have got. It’s still very early on in my career and believe that every day is a learning day, so I’m super excited what is in store for me.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the Essential Nails Students & Nail Techs for all your help and support and a huge thank you to Hannah, who I met via Essential Nails, without you none of this would have been possible. A big thank you to Sarah and Jax; for at times driving you mad and the rest of the Essential Nails team for all your help and support.

My advice to other students if I am at all worthy of giving any advice; would be to keep on going, you will be amazed at the difference that one day will make and however far away success may seem, it may not be that far from reach at all!