Successful Graduate Lucy Fell

Lucy Fell

We have a particularly moving and inspiring successful graduate story to share with you. We would like you to meet Lucy Fell, a brave lady who has been through some very difficult challenges and has had to make hard life decisions.

Lucy wanted us to share her story with you and explained her journey and how learning nails has helped her build a future…

Back in August 2014, I managed to get Essential Nails on TV and when placing an order I was asked to write down my story for y’all, so here it is.

As far back as I can remember my aunt (from my fathers side) had been under attack from cancer, first a mastectomy followed by the all clear then in quick succession ovarian, brain tumors and bowel cancer, after a decade of fighting she lost her battle, and until the end had the most amazing spirit and such an inspiration to my entire family. A year or so later my cousin, her daughter, started having surgeries to prevent cancer.

Now I must admit I knew and still know so little about the genetics behind cancer, but a few months before my aunt passed, she was offered testing for faulty BRCA genes. She had tested positive for a faulty BRCA1 gene. My cousin was then offered the same test and also tested positive. We all have the BRCA1 gene, but when it is mutated/faulty it gives you a LIFETIME chance of cancer that can rise to 85% chance of breast cancer and 65% chance of ovarian cancer.

My cousin has had a full hysterectomy and double mastectomy to reduce her chance to 5%. and I always assumed it was a mother daughter thing so thought very little about it myself.

Photo From Left: Eldest sister – Rachel, Middle older sister – Helen, Dad, Me, and Cousin Niki.

3 years ago I left the UK for europe/America travelling as a competition groom with show jumpers and loving the freedom my life gave me. A year into travelling I found out my father and one sister had both tested positive, and this is when my stress and fear kicked in, it turns out it travels through anyone! A year ago we had reached a 100% positive in the family from my fathers side, both he and his brother tested positive and just in time as both had surgeries for prostate cancer, which may or may not be linked to BRCA1. Both my sisters tested positive and one started her own blog this is the sister who called to ask if I would like to be tested ASAP, of course my answer was yes.

I had returned to the UK and Embarrassing Bodies had contacted my sister to follow her mastectomy and reconstruction, and offered my cousin a mastectomy to correct the mistakes from previous surgeries and offer me testing. I agreed and by November 2013 I found myself waiting for my results, and not so surprising the result was YES.

I had a cry and then realised how amazingly lucky I am, how many women have sat in front of this specialist and been told they have cancer and little choice on how to fight it. I had been given a heads up and had so many options on how to fight back.

Within a month I came home for good, I’d had enough of being on the road away from friends and family.
My priorities had entirely changed. On 29th December I ordered my first course from Essential Nails and have never looked back. I signed up for the Princes Trust enterprise programme and now find myself with a successful business. I’m in charge of my life and how much I do and don’t work and am surrounded by those I love and care for.

Training from home was perfect for me, I could fit it around my part time work and life and found the support perfect for me. Within the last year BRCA1, Essential Nails and the Princes Trust have changed my life beyond belief. I’m happier than I’ve been in years, I’ve found the world of nails all consuming and a great community to be a part of. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Lucy x”

We think you”ll agree Lucy is a true inspiration. We are so pleased that Lucy found Essential Nails and completing our Acrylic Tip & Overlay, Manicure, Pedicure & Gelaze® Gel Polish courses helped to make her future happy & bright.

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