Successful Graduate Kris Warnes

Kris Warnes
My name is Kris Warnes, I am 34 and married to a supportive and wonderful man Simon, we have 2 wonderful children aged 7 and 4. I live on the Isle of Wight, I would like to tell you a little about my learning with Essential Nails.

I have always been interested in nails, after my daughter was born it affected my nails so I would go to a salon and have my nails done. I would always sit and watch fascinated with what they were doing, after my son was born I decided I would look in to doing a nail technician course, which I did & I passed and was then qualified in acrylic, gel and fibreglass.

But this wasn’t enough for me I wanted to learn more something that was different within the nail industry. I was working from home and had 2 small children to look after, what could I do??????

After searching the internet I came across a website called Essential Nails, I spent days looking through the site and just couldn’t decide on what one to do so I rang them and they were fantastic they helped me to decide I was going to do the Nail Art course, my course arrived and that was it I was hooked.

The course was fantastic. I sent my work off and I passed with a distinction. After I finished this course I couldn’t stop thinking I wanted to learn more, so back to essentials and I decided to do the airbrushing course… Again my course arrived and I finished it and sent it in for marking and I passed.
Still not enough I wanted to do more courses, so I did the Freehand Master Art and The One Stroke Master Tech courses, I received them and loved every minute of it. I passed both of the courses.

Since passing my freehand and one stroke courses I have entered a couple of competitions one of them was based in America, I got to the final 28 which made my day well to find out that I actually won the competition I could not believe it it’s the best feeling to know that your work is actually good enough to win. I have entered a couple since them with my art work and am so pleased I won them too. The confidence that you get from winning a competition is such a boost.

I have also been wearing my own designs on my own hands and the amount of people that have come up to me and have said they love the work and wanted it done is amazing too.

I’m still learning now and am on my last course with Essential nails.

I love the fact that you can work around your everyday life.

The dvd’s that came with the course were so easy to follow and the courses themselves are so well put together. And the amount of help that you get is just amazing.

Essential Nails is a great way to learn, the courses are wonderful, the way that you are taught it makes you feel at ease and you don’t have the pressure put on you.

The staff at EN are always there to help when you need it even with the questions that you think are silly because they know its not silly and that its important to you. The girls in the office are so friendly and full of helpful advice.

I have learnt so much with EN and had a wonderful time learning their courses. Their courses have given me the bug to learn more.

Kris Warnes
Kris Warnes
Kris Warnes
Kris Warnes