Successful Graduate – Karlie Usher

Dianne Brabant
Hi, my name’s Karlie and I started my nail journey 8 years ago when I enrolled at my local college doing evening classes. I completed the first year but couldn’t carry on as I couldn’t get any further funding. That’s when I found Essential Nails.

I called up and spoke to a lovely lady and got all the information I needed and went and ordered my first course with them, using the Easypay option and paying for my course over a number of months. I did my training where and when I could, whilst working and looking after my children.

In may 2015 I went on maternity leave from my job and decided to do another course, so I bought the Gelaze polish course. I managed to complete the course within 7 weeks, passing with a distinction, which then gave me the bug to carry on! I ordered the Gelaze Pro Expert Nail Art course in August 2016 and couldn’t wait to get started. My 1-year maternity leave came and went and I went back to my main job but carried on doing nails in the evening when my children were in bed.

In June last year, my husband went to work in the Far East for 6 months and I found working my job around the kids was getting too much, so I decided to bite the bullet, hand in my notice and become a self-employed mobile nail tech – it was the best thing I have ever done! I’ve never had the chance to look back as I’m so busy – there really isn’t enough hours in the day; to the point I struggled to complete my art course as I was always working on clients that I never had a chance to get my Nail Trainer out, but finally, 2 years after buying the course in August 2018 I’m finally ready to submit my work and eagerly await the course results and see if I can get anywhere in the August nail art competition.

I became a self employed mobile nail tech – it was the best thing I have ever done!
Thank you so much EN!