Successful Graduate – Fabiana Turina

Fabiana Turina

My name is Fabiana Turina. I am 39 and I was born in Trieste, North-East Italy.
I live in York, England and I am married to an English guy and we have an adorable 7-year old cat called Oscar.

I am a qualified dental nurse and when I was in Italy I worked as one, but because I always loved the idea of doing beautiful nails, in 2006 I attend two short courses to become a nail technician: Gel Nails and Nail Art. I had my job as a dental nurse and I had my dream come true; I ran my little nail business from home where friends and family and new clients were happy to be my nail models.

But in March 2010 I followed my husband Tim to York for his new job. On one hand I was sad to leave behind my family, friends and careers but on the other hand I was excited to start a new adventure. I took the opportunity to study something new and in 2011 I qualified as a Massage Therapist and I started my new little business doing that, but I really missed doing nails. I could not spend further time or money attending a college course and every other nail course was really expensive and required a model. One day my supportive husband came across Essential Nails on the internet and they had the perfect combination of value/quality/money/time for me so I decided to enrol with them. You can study from home in your own free time, you follow the lessons on the DVD and you can practise on the Nail Trainer – the perfect nail model.

My first course with EN was UV Gel Polish in July 2015 and I was really happy that I achieved a distinction, particularly as I really enjoyed the course and the new way of studying.

Fabiana Turina

In my nail work in Italy I had used the old three-phase gel method and I thought I now needed to catch up with the new nail products and techniques so I decided to do my second course with Essential Nails, the Gel Nail course. I passed this in October 2015 thanks also to the help that the ladies from EN gave me.

My love for doing nails and studying hard to fulfill my dream of being a successful nail technician didn’t stop there, so in April 2016 I passed the Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure courses with flying colours. Because here in England acrylic nails are more in demand than in Italy, where gel nails are really popular, I recently decided to do the Acrylic Sculpting course so I could expand my knowledge. I must admit, I nearly gave up right at the start because the smell of the acrylic product seemed too strong for me, but even here the ladies at EN gave me great advice on how to deal with the pong, and now I don’t even notice it and I’m loving using this new technique. I am still working through this course because I needed a break to take care of some health issues with my lower back.

I love that with Essential Nails you can take time off when you are sick or super busy and when you are ready you can restart your course from exactly where you left it without losing any lessons or money.

My husband really knows my passion for nail art and everything Japanese (I love Japanese animation, art and of course, sushi!) so he enrolled me in the EN Master Tokyo One Stroke course that I have just started and like the other courses I have done I am totally hooked!

In April I enjoyed entering a fun writing competition with Essential Nails where you had to write a story for “Gelaze The Musical” using as many songs with titles that were also Gelaze colours. I couldn’t believe it when Nadine from EN called me to say that they loved my story and I had won! I was so happy I could have sung… but I didn’t (thankfully!)

Now that I have started my home-based nail business called Sakura Nails by Fabiana Turina and I have got my Facebook page I can see that my beautiful dream of becoming a successful nail technician is starting to become true. Thanks to my husband that has always believed in me and thanks to Essential Nails for being there when you need them, just a call or an email away.

All I need now are some new clients so I can pay for another great course with Essential Nails (maybe Gelaze Nail Art) and buy some other fantastic products from them.

Fabiana Turina
Fabiana Turina
Fabiana Turina