Successful Graduate – Debbie Marangos

Debbie Marangos

My name is Debbie, I’m 40 years old, mum to 12 beautiful children (12 I hear you say?!) and live in North London. I am a home-based nail artist, working from my converted summerhouse.

My passion for nails, first came about back in 1995, when I was out shopping, and I was approached by a lady handing out leaflets. She had just opened up a small salon and talked me into having my nails done. At the time, I thought, what have I let myself in for, but it actually changed everything for me. I sat down, and she explained she was going to do me a set of fibreglass nails. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I let her carry out the service. Once she had started I was hooked. I watched every single step, in amazement, and when she had finished the transformation was simply beautiful. I fell in love, and I knew at that point, it’s what I wanted to do.

Getting to learn at that time, proved difficult. Being a young mum, I just couldn’t dedicate the time, so I put it on hold but never lost the passion. A few years later, I stumbled upon Essential Nails, who offered home learning. I couldn’t believe my luck so I enrolled on the acrylic course. I thought perfect, I can do this when the kids are sleeping and there is no time limit, which was even better. I practiced when I could, but as my family grew bigger and more demanding, it got more & more difficult to find the time. Although I used my kit, on myself, and still practiced and had a play when I could, I never got to complete the course.

Some years later, whilst on maternity leave in 2010, I was made redundant, so I took the plunge and enrolled in a class-based course. Giving up on nails was never an option. I stuck at it and passed 4 months later. I finally had my L&P qualification, after wanting it for so long! In 2012, I enrolled on Essential Nails, nail art, then onto UV gel polish, and Gelaze nail art courses, which I passed with distinction. My summerhouse was also built in 2012, and branded my business ‘Lioness Paws’. I then slowly started offering my services.

I have done numerous training,over the years and my proud moment was in 2014, when I became a master in L&P. I have just very recently completed The nail shapes & structure masterclass with Ela Loszczyk, and have further training lined up in the coming months. I adore design work, and love the art of encapsulation, especially glitter!

I owe a lot to Essential Nails, as that initial course I enrolled on, was the stepping stone, and I would like to thank them for how far I have come. I am very proud of my achievements, and although it took a lifetime, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Kay Gillespie