Successful Graduate – Charlotte Gallagher

Hi, my name is Charlotte, I’m 30 years old, mummy to my 2 year old David and a proud graduate of Essential Nails.

From being at school I never really knew what I wanted out of a career or what I wanted to do and because of this various college courses I attempted, I never finished. I honestly just thought I would never find something which was for me and which I could say hand on heart I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

I have always had my own nails done and often thought that I would love to be that girl sat on the other side of the desk with the ability to create something which makes another person happy and feel good. However, self-confidence has also always played a part and I had convinced myself I would not be able to do it or that it was too late.

Then at Christmas 2017, my husband bought me a UV nail lamp and some polishes. After several attempts and realising that my nails actually looked good just doing them on myself I suddenly thought ‘I can do this’. That’s when I found Essential Nails.

I enrolled in the complete course and started with Gel extensions in January 2018. I had never worked on any nails before prior to doing these courses so I didn’t know how difficult it would be or how long it would take me. I worked very hard because I really wanted to pass the first time to prove to myself that it was something I could do. I submitted my work only 8 weeks after starting the course and passed with distinction 38/40. That was the confidence boost I needed and I realised that for the first time ever, I had found something which, not only did I love doing but I was actually good at!

I have since completed another 4 courses all passed first time with distinction and just recently won my course fee back on the Gelaze Pro Expert Nail Art course after entering the monthly competition.

I still have manicure, pedicure and acrylic sculpting to do and I hope to get these completed as soon as possible to widen my skill set.

I started Lottie’s Nails properly at the beginning of June and I have now moved onto taking clients for gel polish and gel extensions alongside my part-time job. However, moving forward I hope to build my business so that I can eventually be a full-time self-employed nail technician. This would be a dream come true. I’m already half way there and have come a long way in just 9 months.

I can’t thank Essential Nails enough for this incredible journey!