Successful Graduate – Camille Moriarty

Kay Gillespie
Hi, I’m Camille, 35, from Wellingborough (Northamptonshire). I’m a mum of two and qualified as a Nail Technician in 2016.

I’ve always loved having my nails done. Whether it was painting my own nail art, adding transfers, or even attempting my own acrylics using a kit I found when out shopping one day, I loved it! But the thought of going to college, having to wear a full face of make-up every day, just wasn’t for me.

My Nail Tech journey started in 2016, six months after the birth of my daughter, and me joining Jamberry as one of their first UK Consultants. I loved the ease of changing my nail art but had to be a qualified technician to be able to apply them at parties. So, on a recommendation, I signed up for my first online course at another college. Big mistake! Yes, I knew the theory, but they had no idea whether I could do the practical, or if I’d even touched a bottle of polish! This didn’t sit well with the perfectionist in me. So I tried another online course, but again, they wanted no proof I could do anything. So I was technically qualified but had no confidence in my ability. Then I found Essential Nails…

I loved that we have to send in our nails on progress cards to be marked and that you would only pass when you proved you could do what the course required. And being able to do this with a baby was perfect! I signed up for my first bundle of courses (Gel Extensions, UV Gel Polish, and Spa Manicure/Pedicure) on 30th September 2016 and am so glad I did! The next day my kit arrived, and soon after, I received my first lot of results – Distinctions, and was hooked!

Fast forward to April 2017, when I launched as a Mobile Nail Technician. I have to admit, it’s not always easy going it alone, but with a young family, I found it the easiest fit for me. Then in October, I took the chance in applying for a part-time salon position, got an interview, and was offered the job! I think this has been my best decision yet! In the few short weeks, I’ve been both salon and mobile based, I’ve seen an improvement in both my service times and the number of clients I see in a week.

Since qualifying, I’ve moved on to complete most of the EN courses, and am currently finishing off, working through my Fibreglass Nails course as well as the Master Nail Technician ones, but I’m nowhere near done learning. There’s always a new technique to learn, a new trend, a new product…

My next step is to start entering competitions. I’ve entered a few Facebook ones already, to be the cover photo for a group, but I mean the big ones, like for magazines or globally. Can you imagine the buzz of achieving an award then? That would be amazing!

Thanks so much to the team at EN, you’re all so amazing and supportive, even answering what now seems like the silliest of questions. And special thanks to both the Sarah’s, to Jax, and not forgetting Nadine, who have put up with my questions and been super helpful at all times.

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