What is HEMA?


What is HEMA?

Short for 2-Hydroxy Ethyl Methacrylate Agent, Hema is primarily used for adhesion and dilution in nail products. Normally found in monomer but is also used in gel in smaller quantities.

A known allergen, it is responsible for most overexposure reactions in nail treatments, causing contact dermatitis in those sensitive to it. It is vitally important to keep uncured products from touching the skin to avoid sensitization. Nail technicians have been known to lose their careers from such reactions.

As of this year, it is banned from home use gel polish kits as it is deemed unsafe for untrained persons to use as they don’t understand the importance of not touching the skin with nail products.

The nail plate acts as a natural barrier preventing Hema solutions from penetrating via the nail bed, so provided it is used professionally and proficiently in a quality product, and therefore within the correct concentration percentages, it is safe to use on those without a known allergy to it.

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