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Nail Art Techniques

Nail art is constantly changing and evolving; there are some core techniques that are regularly used, as well as 'flash in the pan' crazes, seasonal 'must-haves,' and constant new tools/methods to try. It can be hard, especially if you are new to the business, to know which to invest your time, practice, and money into.

The key is to always keep your clients in mind. What would they wear/like? It doesn't matter if you think a particular design/technique is awful; if your client loves it and is happy to pay, then as long as you can execute it professionally, there should be no question over whether you do it or not. Like when a client requests a polish color you don't like, you wouldn't dream of saying no.

So to navigate the fickle world of nail art, start by keeping your particular clients in mind. Everyone's client demographic is different. Then consider the cost of the materials needed. On the whole, nail art supplies are usually fairly low cost, but if there is a range of items, such as stamping plates, that need building up, the cost can soon add up.

So are enough of your clients going to be interested to cover the initial costs and then go on to make a profit from it? There is a simple solution to this - ask them. You could do a small survey of a selection of clients, show them examples of the technique, and see what the feedback is.

The other consideration is your ability to master the technique fully. Doing a nail art technique badly is worse than not doing one at all. It is a very bad advert for your business and skills. You could have created the most perfect extension but cover it with bad art, and your hard work has gone to waste as it will be overshadowed by what is on top.

Most techniques can be learned with repetition, and this is where a Nail Trainer hand comes in very useful. Always ready to sit for you with endless patience and doesn't try to use their phone halfway through!

Keep practicing until you can do the technique flawlessly and easily, keeping a couple of the best ones to show your clients. You could even display them with a set price; some clients are anxious about asking for nail art if they don't know the cost beforehand, so make it easy for them.

Good luck and get creating!

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