Know your Nail Art Brushes


Nail Art Brushes

The staple of any art-loving nail tech's kit, there are so many brushes of all shapes and sizes, it is not unusual to amass a collection.

It is imperative to store them correctly so no damage is caused to brush heads; this is fairly simple if you work from a salon/desk permanently but a little harder for mobile techs. There are various storage cases on offer, so it's worth doing your research to find one that works well for you.

It's best not to clean your brushes with any solvents so the delicate bristles don't get damaged. A wipe with a damp lint-free pad is gentle and should not harm them.

Types of Nail Art Brushes

Striping Brush

As the name suggests, this is for creating stripes across your nails. Being long and thin, it can be dragged across the nail vertically or horizontally leaving a lovely straight line in its wake. It's also quite good for filling in areas with color and creating checked designs.

Fan Brush

Just dip the ends of the bristles into your color and swipe across the nail to create a swish of color; you can also go in with another color once the first has dried/cured. It makes sprinkling glitter or cleaning excess powder off a doodle too.

Super Fine Detail Brush

Again the explanation is in the name; the small bristles allow you full control over your paint/polish. It is not uncommon to have a whole collection of these as you hunt for the perfect one for each detailed art technique you use. Great for intricate details, outlining.

Angled Shader Brush

Ideal for one-stroke painting, this brush will help you blend & graduate colors and create lovely sweeping shapes. Perfect for one-stroke petals and leaves, can also be used for carving out French tips.

Flat Shader Brush

Used in much the same way as the angled version but will create a straight sweep. Also great for painting a full nail in a single color.

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