Cuticle Oil

Not to be underestimated. Cuticle oil will among other things keep your clients cuticles and nails moisturised, create an income stream and help make your clients nails grow longer and stronger.


Applying cuticle oil every day is one of the best things your clients can do to help keep their nails in tip top condition. Different oils penetrate to different layers of the skin depending on their molecule size so a combination is often best.


Massaging the skin around the nail, particularly above the cuticle where the matrix is, will increase blood flow to the area and encourage healthy growth.


It is very easy to forget to use it so keeping it next to the bed and applying before going to sleep is a great routine to get in plus it will have all night to work it’s magic, as you are not going to be washing your hands and stripping the oil off. 


If you are not retailing oil to your clients then you are definitely missing a trick, it is something every client should be using, affordable and easy to keep a small stock of.


If you are not a big sales person and feel shy to pitch it to clients you can try having a display where your clients can see it with the price clearly on show, keep the bottle you use on clients in front of it so their eye is drawn to it when you reach for it.


Happy retailing!

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