Essential Nails have so many talented new graduates it’s only natural that we want to celebrate just how amazing they all are! So we are celebrating another group of successful grads who received their certificates in 2020.  We send you our warmest of wishes and hope your nail journey continues to flourish – congratulations on your absolutely amazing achievements!


Acrylic Tip & Overlay

Kara Harper – Credit
Lindsay Larmour – Credit
Helena Wahid – Credit
Lauren Watson – Pass
Georgia Lowes – Credit
Kayliegh D’Emilio – Credit
Steffanie Curtis – Distinction
Lydia Rose Warren – Credit
Astral Macalesher – Pass
Karen Frost – Distinction
Mia Williams – Credit
Sarah Rushton – Credit
Yvonne Bates – Pass

Gel Polish

Carla Betts – Distinction
Lesley Hudson – Pass
Lynn-Marie Fital – Credit
Debbie Milner – Pass
Stephanie Roberts – Distinction
Wendy Lebleis – Pass
Naomi Romanda Sarracini – Distinction
Natalie Bradley – Credit
Debbie Allen – Credit
Andrea Norton – Pass
Nicole Harland – Credit
Megan Vincent – Pass

Gel Tip & Overlay

Simone Taylor – Pass
Rowan Rebecca Kevan – Distinction

Spa Pedicure

Natalie Gillam – Pass
Catriona Munro – Pass
Justina Zacharova – Pass
Luthfun Azim – Pass
Hayley Flynn – Pass
Debbie Milner – Pass
Kirsty Cullingworth – Pass
Stephanie Roberts – Pass
Andrea Johnson – Pass
Hayley Fee – Pass
Anne O’Neill – Pass
Maxine Rae – Pass

Nail Art

Lisa Read – Distinction

Spa Manicure

Valerie Bond – Pass
Debbie Milner – Pass
Hayley Flynn – Pass
Debbie Allen – Pass
Justina Zacharova – Pass
Kirsty Cullingworth – Pass
Stephanie Roberts – Pass
Andrea Johnson – Pass
Hayley Fee – Pass
Sian Downton – Pass
Anne O’Neill – Pass
Natalie Gillam – Pass
Maxine Rae – Pass


Andrea Norton - Credit
Mirela Bulz - Credit

Freehand Nail Art Master

Katie Kent – Pass

Tokyo One Stroke

Edit Leszkoczi – Pass


Vicky Cobbett – Credit
Pauline Blaikie – Pass

Gelaze Pro Expert Nail Art

Julie Beattie – Pass

Massive congratulations, once again!

We look forward to seeing more of you graduate soon!

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  • Fantastic!

    Have to say congrats to everyone on your achievements.
    It’s not as easy as we all think it’s going to be?
    So again a MASSIVE Congratulations to you all