Our students continue to astound us with their talents, it's only right their achievements be celebrated! Please join us in a huge round of applause for our 2021 Graduates! We are so proud of each and every one of you and can't wait to see where your new skills take you!


2021 Graduates!


Donna Gilbert                Gel Tip & Overlay - Distinction

Tarandip Randhawa      Nail Art - Distinction 

Kaya Phillips                 Gel Tip & Overlay - Distinction   

Claire Peel                    Air Brushing - DIstinction 

Claire Peel                    Sculpted Acrylics - Pass   

Jenni Hall                     Sculpted Acrylics - Credit, Maintenance - Credit

Rebekah Heading        Acrylic Tip & Overlay - Credit

Lianne Reynolds          Gel Tip & Overlay - Credit

Tracy Rock                   Sculpted Acrylics - Distinction

Tracey Taylor                Acrlic Tip & Overlay - Pass

Sarah Colmer               Gel Tip & Overlay - Credit

Tatiana Fernandes       Gel Tip & Overlay - Pass

Joanne Phillips             Freehand Art Master - Pass

Anila Khan                    Gel Polish - Pass

Sarah Colmer               Maintenance - Credit

Sarah Cremin               Freehand Art Master -  Pass

Jaspreet Kaur               Gel - Credit

Clare Rowley                Sculpting - Credit

Holly Hudson                Manicure & Pedicure - Pass

Aneela Khan                 Gel Polish - Pass

Kayte Cushion               Gel Tip & Overlay - Pass

Denise Roulston Calica      Gel Tip & Overlay- Pass

Kelly Balazs                  Acrylic Tip & Overlay - Credit

Charlotte Fryer              Acyrlic Tip & Overlay - Pass

Tina Wells                     Acrylic Tip & Overlay - Pass

Georgina Ironside         Manicure & Pedicure - Pass

Atlanta Simon               Nail Art - Distinction

Sabrina Evans              Acrylic Tip & Overlay - Credit

Maria Apai                    Acrylic Tip & Overlay - Credit

Maria Apai                    Manicure & Pedicure - Pass

Helen McBride             Acrylic Tip & Overlay - Credit

Samantha Leeming     Gel Polish - Distinction

Emma Lacey               Manicure & Pedicure - Pass 

Tara Harvey                 Sculpting - Pass

Makayla Grant             Acrylic Tip & Overlay - Pass

Alexa Olliver-Pickford  Manicure - Pass

Sarah Cremin              Gel Tip & Overlay - Pass   Maintenance - Credit

Fiona Rumack             Gel Tip & Overlay - Pass

Jo-Anne Phillips          One Stroke Master- Pass 

Tara Harvey                    Freehand Art Master - Pass

Denise Roulston Calica  Nail Art - Distinction 

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