Nail Tip Blender

The alternative to blending using a file. A few drops of tip blender will melt the tip at the seam line. Reduce filing time and dust. 15ml (bottle may vary)
Big time saver!

India , England

As I have m.e and arthritis it's safe to say that blending with a file and buffer was very hard work for me, not only that but I never re use a file so the cost of new ones soon add up. Before blending my old way would take at least half an hour, now with the tip blender I can do all 10 nails in 10 minutes max! For it's price it is worth every penny, it helps get a perfect blend and final result and is so easy to use. The only thing I would note for people is to not apply too much, as the acetone can seep through the unblended tip and leek on to the whole nail and dissolve all of it. I use little at a time and work with the progress, I'd definitely recommend this to anybody who wants to save time, money, and get a perfect final result.

nail tip blender


Fab thanks for recommending this product.

Hannah , York

Thanks for recommending this product it has really helped me and my nails look great

Roz , Plymouth

Dream Tip Blender is great ! - I used it to cut down on the time I spent filing and found it makes a huge difference to the amount of dust generated. Its a must have!

Paula , Luton

Great product blending time has improved

Mel , Essex

Very helpful product, thanks for recommending it to me.

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