100 Gel Soak Off Wraps

100 Gel Soak Off Wraps
Remove Soak Off Gel Overlays and UV Gel Polish cleanly, with easy to use Gel removal wraps. Each perfectly sized foil wraps, has a lightweight lint free pad attached to allow a close fit. Simply moisten the pad with acetone tip remover, before placing directly over the nail and folding the foil to encase finger tip.
Terrible :-(

Yvonne , Aberdeen

These wraps are a huge disappointment, I previously used OPI which were very expensive so thought I'd give these a go, you get what you pay for. As soon as I put the remover on the white pad it started to move all over the foil wrap which was thin and of poor quality. I won't be buying these again. We are sorry to hear that you are not pleased with your magis wraps, we have had a lot of really positive feedback and repeat orders for them. The white pad shouldn't move on the foil, it should be adhered fully to the foil. We will be happy to supply a replacment box of wraps to you, which we are sure you will be able to use sussfully.


Julie , Epping

I use these as you can get a nice tight fit when wrapping clients nails to remove Gel polish. good quality and easy

great way of removing gels

Mrs B Avram

these are really great for soaking off gels, put a few drops of remover on and wrap for a few minutes my clients love them so doi

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